Five most innovative ways to recycle beer bottles

They say only really drunk guys and girls can see empty beer bottles as works of art. Heck, some guys I personally know claim to be proud of their empty beer bottle “collections” and use that as an excuse not to clean up their apartments. However, there really are some creative geniuses out there who really can turn the lowly empty beer bottle in real art. Check out the following examples.

 Animal hospital made of beer bottles 

Based in Pune, India, this NGO named People For Animals teamed up with an initiative focused on upcycling called Rebirth, to create a unique hospital for animals using recycled beer bottles among other things. The founder of Rebirth Prashant Kumar claims that they decided to use the discarded colored beer bottles in the project as this glass is rarely recycled and was thus abundantly available. Since the glass lets the sunshine in, it also helped created a more natural yet protected environment for the animals.


Building made of recycled beer bottles

Entrepreneur Scott McCombs used more than half a million beer bottles to create a material called GreenStone which was eventually used to create a 30K sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Located in Las Vegas, Morrow Royal Pavilion also holds the titles of being the largest structure in the world that’s made using recycled beer bottles. What’s even better is that the building actually helped save 400,000 cubic yards of landfill space that would have otherwise been needed to dispose of the bottles.

House made from 40,000 bottles of beer

Located in Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, the Beer Bottle House is a testament to the zeal with which WWII veterans consumed beer on the remote island and two men’s love of recycling. The story behind the house goes thus- during the 1940s, the island filled up with WWII airmen and the pubs starting throwing out empty bottles of beer by the truckload. In 1966, Bob Hemus, a performer at these clubs, joined forces with a Canadian lad we know only as Pat to create a house using nothing more than empty beer bottles, cement mortar and wood. Built using 40,000 Australian quart beer bottles from 1943-1966, the house still stands and is now owned by bob’s daughter and her husband!


Buddhist temple made using 1.5 million recycled beer bottles

You wouldn’t usually associate beer bottles with Buddhist monks but there is a temple in the north-eastern region of Thailand that is made using more than million beer bottles. Of course the bottles weren’t polished off by monks that would be insane! Rather, a resident monk at the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew complex asked locals in the town of Khun Han if they could deposit empty beer bottles at the complex so they may use it to build new structures within the complex. Long story short, the monks received more bottles than they could have asked for and ended up using 1.5 million recycled bottles to build what is now known as the Temple Of A Million Bottles aka the Wat Lan Kuad!


Jeans made from beer bottles

Wearing an empty beer bottle is a concept that even the dumbest of all our drunk friends have not been able to come up with in all their decades long drinking careers! But, leave it to the Irish to find a way to use booze related products in everyday life. And that is exactly what Dubliner Peter Heron did. Heron, who owns the NYC-based label I Am Not A Virgin, has created a new line of clothes that is made using 25% recycled synthetic material that includes empty brown beer bottles and 75% cotton! Heron plans on launching the product through Kickstarter soon.

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