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Five most unusual yet definitely green inventions

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The recent time has threatened us of energy scarcity over the next few years. It has resulted in the eco-friendly innovations to revolutionize and offer us with many options that do not depend on traditional energy sources. The green inventions allow us to protect our planet by generating energy through waste materials. The solar panels, wind turbines and hybrid cars are the results of such green innovations. Let us discuss about few inventions that are completely green and environmentally friendly though they are unconventional and unusual.


Blood Lamp

The blood lamp is an invention from Mike Thomspon. The concept behind creating this lamp is to make people realize that power should be treated as a cost to an individual and no conventional power should be wasted unnecessarily. This lamp requires a drop of blood to get activated. By designing this lamp, Mike Thomspon has made an appeal to conserve energy. The personal sacrifice can make you think twice before turning on the lights if it is not required. The ingredient on which the lamp performs is luminol. Luminol is used by the forensic experts to check blood. It glows blue when it reacts with the iron present in red blood cells.

White Goat

White Goat converts normal paper into toilet paper. It is manufactured and marketed by Oriental. You can insert around 40 sheets of waste paper to find a freshly made roll of toilet paper within 30 minutes. The machine dissolves paper in water by shredding it and later it thins the paper and dries out to produce a fine toilet paper roll. Being eco-friendly, the machine is expected to do well for official purposes. However, as the machine is almost 6 feet tall, placing it in an office sphere might be a bit tricky.



Lilypads are the self-sufficient floating cities that can accommodate up to 50,000 people. As a result of global warming, glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising. This might result in displacing of people staying in lower levels. Lilypads will be very effective when water will displace people from low level of lands. Lilypads are designed by Vincent Callebaut and these are based on the concept of Victoria water lilies. These eco-friendly cities would be made of polyester fibers and feature three mountains and marinas.

Solar Bikini

Solar Bikini is designed by Andrew Schneider. This is proactively a swimwear with photovoltaic film panels and a USB connection. As it is a solar powered bikini, it helps you groove the whole day at the beach grooving to your favorite numbers without any interruptions.

Pencil printer

This is a model proposed by Hoyoung Lee. If this concept is realized, you might not buy another ink cartridge as this machine will separate the wood from pencils and use the lead to print documents. It is also designed with an in-built eraser that would enable you remove text from a page and reuse the paper. So overall, this will help you save money and paper.