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Five queries your solar provider needs to resolve

by DrPrem Jagyasi


Solar energy is free and eco friendly. It’s beyond doubt that more and more people are going for this mode of power generation since it makes sense money wise as well as it’s quite helpful in your effort to conserve the ecosystem. Once you have made up your mind to install solar power panels in your home or office, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind and vividly discuss them with your solar provider. Here in this article we have enlisted five such highly valuable queries that you need to discuss with your service provider.

Who are their clients?

This point is quite important since there are numerous companies working in solar power field and you need to make sure that the company you are dealing with is reliable enough. If the company is able to provide a list of their customers then chances are pretty high that this company is in business since long time and they have commercial and technical qualities to win your work. And yes, you can always call couple of their customers and get the feedback.

Check out their warranties policy

Though solar power is free and easily available but the installation of solar power generation equipments is quite pricey. The system generally starts from $10,000 and can go up to $50,000 for high capacity installation. If you have decided to invest this much amount, you need to make sure that what kind of after sales services they will provide if there is any fault in the systems. Clearly discuss that what all is covered under warranty and how long they will take to revert back in case of system failures.


Solar panels make and manufacturer

Solar panels are the heart and soul of any solar power generation system. If the company uses low quality solar panels then chances are pretty high that the power output will be less then expected. Always make sure that the solar panels that the company is using are of high quality and are from reputed manufacturer. This will not only ensure optimum power output but will also be a deciding factor in recovering your investments in the power generation equipments.

How to monitor the energy output?

This is again an important point in solar power systems installation process. You need to make sure that they install a local energy meter with which you can monitor the amount of energy that will be produced by the systems. Not only this will ensure that you always know about the system’s efficiency but it will also be an indication if there is any failure or malfunction.

What kind of preventive maintenance is required?

Although the solar power generation equipments needs very little in terms of maintenance but still it’s wise to clear it out with the company. Please make a note of any special instructions that you may be required to follow in order to keep the systems in good health.