Five recycled materials to create stepping-stones in your garden

A pathway in the garden does not only enhance its beauty but also makes it easy for one to move around the garden without upsetting the plants. Rather than spending on fresh material, we bring you five recycled objects can be used to create walkways to save resources and make a pretty garden.


Broken bricks and stones

You can check Craigslist, house renovators or Freecycle for procuring unwanted or broken bricks and stones. With some concrete, you can bind the bricks or stones together to make stepping stones around you garden. These are easy to arrange and you can make them yourself, just ensure that the rough edges do not protrude or someone might hurt themselves when stepping on the stone.


Recycled glass

Tumbled glass, which is recycled from glass bottles and other glass items, can be used as a decorative surrounding for stepping-stones. They come in different colors and can be added as highlights around each stepping stone. Tumbled or crushed glass is sold by some companies as tiles which can also be used in the garden.


Recycled household objects

You can gather the old and broken porcelain showpieces and cutlery from the kitchen, broken glasses, Styrofoam cup lids etc. use old take out boxes from restaurants or a baking pan to be the base for holding these objects. Place them randomly and seal them in with contact paper on the bottom and pour quick-drying concrete on it. These stepping stones can be placed around the garden as you like since they are easily removable.


Plastic Mould

You can pick plastic edging material, plastic lumber, pipes, bucket, barrels etc. from the garden can be bunched together to create stepping-stones. You can cut old buckets or barrels in the center, place a stone or some other random objects within them and bury them upside down to create secure stepping stones.


Wood Chips

An old wooden bark, chopped off a freshly trimmed tree or picked from some camp, can be cut down to right size and arranged around the garden as stepping-stones. You can polis it a little and paint it with varnish to keep it weather resistant. These will offer the charm of a cottage garden to your house.

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