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Five Solar-Powered Toys That Are Safer For Your Children

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Instead of opting for battery operated toys, why not opt for solar powered alternatives that are both safer to use, and fun to play with.

Minolta DSC

The Frightened Grasshopper Solar Powered Bug

Your kids can build this solar powered toy themselves. Resembling a life sized grasshopper, this mini solar kit functions as an educational robot that explains the basics of how solar power is converted into electrical energy that can be used to power things. The electrical energy generated by the toy is stored inside a PV cell and then converted into kinetic energy via an in-built motion. This kinetic energy makes the toy move around quickly like a real grasshopper.

6 In 1 Robots

This solar powered toy is in fact, six different toys that can be assembled from snap-together pieces present in the set. The set’s main piece consists of a solar panel that generates the power needed to work the in-built motor. The motor in turn spins the individual rotors responsible for the toy’s movements. The pieces can be assembled together to form boat, plane, airplane dock, windmill, puppy and a mini car. The kit also comes with a step-by-step instruction chart (along with diagrams) for easy assembly.


Super Solar Racing Car

The Super Solar Racing Car toy enables kids to build a car that uses the sun’s UV rays to travel with the speed of light. The solar powered panel in the car traps the suns electromagnetic radiation and converts it into the electrical energy needed to power the motor which in turn, would help the car move swiftly.

Solar Powered Spider Robot Toy Gadget

Here’s a great way to explain about solar powered toys, and give everyone a scare while you are about it. The solar powered spider robot toy gadget has a solar panel that would convert the solar power into electrical energy which would in turnmake the spider quake and shake like a real spider. Place it out in the garden for a minute and soon you will see everyone running away from what they think is a real spider.

Giant 50 Feet Solar Powered Bag

Considered to be the world’s biggest solar bag, this particular toy needs no assembling or fixing. All you need to do is run in order to fill it with air. Tie off both the ends and leave the bag on the ground. As it starts absorbing the solar power, the air inside the bag heats up and makes it rise high into the sky. You can also cut the bag into smaller solar powered bags and repeat the procedure. Nothing like a lawn full of floating solar powered balloons for a party.