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Everything I need to know about flexible e-paper

need to know about flexible e-paper

Technology has advanced so much that we sometime wonder what next is there to achieve. Displays have evolved so much from the first time they were introduced. After LCD, Plasma and LED displays, we have entered an era that leads to the bendable and flexible display. With this new form of displays, you can bend the screen in whatever direction your want. From rolling to twisting, these hair thin sized displays are flexible without losing the picture quality. Amazingly, these flexible new generation displays offer the same resolution and clarity of your computer and Smartphone displays. Imagine an e-paper with the flexible display that updates the news via Internet connectivity. You can go through the news items as you do it with a newspaper. Here are some of the things you need to know about flexible e-paper varieties that are available in the market.

1. AUO e-paper

AUO flexible e-paper

AUO AKA AU Optronics is an electronic manufacturing company, which is established in Taiwan. The company has been manufacturing a variety of electronic products for a very long time now.  A couple of years back, the company sprung up with a range of e-paper demonstrations. Their motive was to build 3” and 20” flexible e-papers. They even displayed the samples of their e-papers in 2009 at the FPD International held in Yokohama, Japan. Here is what you need to know about flexible e-paper sized at 6”. It comes with a contrast ratio of 9:1, which means that if offers a better clarity. This is a lot better in comparison to Amazon’s kindle display ration of 7:1. Such clarity makes it ideal for people who love to surf books, magazines or even read newspapers online.

2. PowerFilm€s roll-to-roll flexible displays

roll-to-roll flexible electronic technology

Iowa based PowerFilms is another name that deals with flexibly display technology. This manufacturing company has developed a method wherein they print roll-to-roll displays. The flexible e-paper by PowerFilms features an array of interconnected backplane transistors to realize the display. One of the areas where such displays come in handy is for newspaper printing. The company was creating 13-inch wide and up to 2400 feet long strips of the flexible displays for various purposes.

3. LG Displays flexible e-paper

LG flexible e-paper

LG is a company that needs no introduction. It has a name that is associated with quality consumer products at a wide range of budget friendly prices. LG also has introduced a range of flexible e-papers that vary from 9.7” color displays and even bendable e-paper displays sized at 19”. The Korean company launched the flexible displays that can be used in e-readers like the Kindle and multimedia tablets. Moreover, LG’s flexible displays will be a great addition to the growing e-paper industry considering the growing needs of users.

4. Sony’s e-paper display


Another name that needs no introduction, Sony also has stepped into the zone of manufacturing flexible e-paper. Rather than using the usual glass panel, they opted to go for the plastic substrate. Due to the use of plastic, the flexibility of the displays is far more smoother. The consumer electronics maker has touted its displays environmental aspect as the major feature. E-papers will help people stay away from cutting trees for papers.

The benefits that you need to know about flexible e-paper

The major benefit of flexible e-paper is that it is eco-friendly. If e-papers replace newspapers, magazines and books, we may no longer have to pull down trees to produce papers. Furthermore, we can read contents on an electronic display with enough lighting. This also makes it easier to read the content in the dark. At the same time, virtually no power is required to run e-papers. Reading newspapers and magazines in e-papers will be smarter than reading on other electronic gadgets like tablet and laptops. The flexible e-paper also helps in reducing the strain on the eyes while reading contents and watching images.

Here is what you need to know about flexible e-paper – The lowdown

Even though there are several multi-colored e-paper concepts, there is a lowdown to this aspect. There are limitations pertaining to the ability of viewing content in full colors. We would have to wait for a while before any company decides to launch any ultimate e-paper solutions in multimedia colors in the near future.

The Impact and other essential factors you need to know about flexible e-paper

Even though there are a few lowdown’s with flexible e-papers, it has created a very good impact. According to Yu Chen, a research scientist at E-Ink, the development in electronic paper is a major step forward. There are several areas people largely require flexible displays. With the new technology, the need for physical newspapers and magazines almost ends. Only content delivery will do the job. Moreover, customers can access the virtual newspapers via their e-paper displays on their smartphones every morning.

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