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Floodbreak offers highest resistance to ravaging water

floodbreak 1

If ever, flood looms large at your front doorsteps, what would you do? Maybe, you will curse yourself for not being far-sighted enough to think of it beforehand. Had there been a contrivance like the Floodbreak (pictured above) that could avert the deluge or just deflect it in some way, things might have been different for sure. Well, as it is not too late, switch to FloodBreak that is the first practical, entirely passive floodgate solution.

floodbreak 2

Utilizing the hydrostatic pressure of the backed-up floodwater, Floodbreak offers maximum resistance to the torrents. When the water recedes, it returns to the lowered position, opening the entrance once again. The width and the height will suit your requirement; Floodbreak says it is unlimited. It never affects traffic. Instead, the barrier’s surface finish decorates the frontage of the building.

floodbreak 3

floodbreak 4

floodbreak 5

Take time to see how it works:

Via: YankoDesign