Make flower vases with recycled bottles

Recycled Bottle Hanging Vases

Are you planning to organize a green party where everything organic will be served to the guests and the decoration will be from recycled materials? If your answer is yes, then this little DIY decoration idea can be handy. You can quickly make these beautiful vases and can hang them in a jiffy.

All that you need to make these cute vases is recycled plastic pop bottles, needle, and strings. You just need to cover the bottles tightly with the caps and cut them in the middle. Now invert the cut bottles and make three to four holes on the edges of cut diameter with the help of a needle, the tip of which is hot enough to pierce the plastic bottle. Now take colorful strings, threads, or beads embedded strings, weave them into the bottles, and make a loop at the top in such a way that you can hang the bottles and voila, your little beautiful flower vase is ready.

Hang it on the walls after filling either colored water or many flower sticks or simply float scented and colorful candles in them. If you want to make it more attractive, you can float musical candles also. Alternatively, you can fill these vases with colorful pebbles, shells, and marbles and can make it a piece of art.

Flaunt your eco-friendly designer piece in front of your guests and be proud of your craftsmanship.

Via: Unconsumption

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