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Flowerpot EYE provides healthiest condition for plants

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Apart from adding to the aesthetics, flowers brighten up your day with their pleasing fragrance and beauty. How ardently does one wish to have beautiful, healthy plants without having to care for them much? Well, here is one such product that does all the caring, while keeping you updated about your plant’s health. Dubbed the “Flowerpot EYE,” the innovative flowerpot concept is capable of controlling the humidity and other conditions of soil. It also provides ambient temperature for a healthy environment for the plant.

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Complementing your interiors with its good looks, the flowerpot features an intuitive display, enabling a clear view of the root system. As the inner development of the plant can be seen easily, it can be brought into use for educational purposes. Designed by Olga Kalugina, the Flowerpot EYE uses a chemical reaction between the substances through electric energy, making the healthiest conditions for the plant.

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Via: Tuvie