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Four eco-friendly ideas to renovate your home

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Focus on energy-efficient appliances

Home renovation is important, especially when a house hasn’t been altered for the longest time. When it comes to home renovation, there are hundreds of ideas in perspective. With much advancement in technology, it is easy to incorporate a lot of interesting things in the house. However there are few options when it comes to doing things in a way that the environment doesn’t get affected. In this article we will guide you through 4 eco-friendly home renovation ideas you must consider. Home renovation is done to reap long term benefits which is why it takes a lot of time. If you incorporate eco-friendly ideas in the house, you will be able instill a fresh vibe in the house for a long time. Following is a list of all eco-friendly ways in which you can renovate your home:

1.Install solar energy

Install solar energy

Conventional electricity is very expensive in this day and age, which is why a lot of millennials are option for cheaper options. Keep in mind, sun is very powerful, and above all, it’s a renewable source of energy which has countless benefits. So if you live in a locality where your house faces the sun all day long, why not use sunlight to light up the entire house during night? The only thing you will need to do is to install solar panels on the terrace and connect them with the main power board of the house. Once you do it, you will experience massive reduction in the electricity bills.

2.Incorporate canvas prints in the house

If you are obsessed with artistic work, you must incorporate canvas in your home. Traditionally canvas used to be made of hemp, but currently they are being made out of cotton and linen, both of which are eco-friendly. The benefit of canvas print is it can last for a longer time and create its fashion statement in the house. Secondly canvas can be cleaned easily when they get dirty. You will be intrigued to know many countries have introduced canvas bags instead of plastic bags for they are more durable and long-lasting. If you want to know about this incredible cloth you can Read More On 365canvas.

3.Paint with low VOC

Paint with low VOCMost mainstream paint companies embed VOC in their paints. VOC stands for volatile organic compound. This compound is responsible for producing harmful molecules. There are many cons to painting your walls with this kind of paint. Some of the long term health effects of this type of paint are breathing difficulties, skin allergies, itchiness in eyes etc. Therefore, if you want to paint your house to light up the mood of the place you must use VOC free paint or one which has less VOC content.

4.Focus on energy-efficient appliances

Many people choose to incorporate new appliances and equipment in the house which is also a kind of home improvement option. However, you must be mindful when choosing suitable appliances. If you buy conventional appliances, they will very likely consume more electricity and give out a lot of heat. Therefore the good idea is to buy energy-efficient appliances to save electricity, money and also to prevent any discomfort in the environment.

Lastly! Be confident with the choice you have made and give it a go. Don’t splurge money on an idea which is not worth the effort. Home maintenance can be done repeatedly, but home improvement is mostly done after years which is why it is crucial to make mindful moves.

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