Four Simple Ways to Be Greener in 2018


If you want to become more environmentally friendly in 2018 but can’t afford to run a hybrid car or have solar panels installed on your home, then the good news is that there are several simple, easy, and inexpensive changes that you can make to your daily life to help reduce the amount of energy that you use, shrink your carbon footprint and be kinder to the planet on an everyday basis. Being eco-friendlier doesn’t always have to mean making huge changes to your lifestyle –sometimes, it’s the small adjustments that you make which will add up over time and make the biggest amount of difference. We’ve put together some easy ideas for living a greener lifestyle this year.

#1. Re-usable Bags


If you tend to get new bags from the store each time you go shopping for groceries, clothes, and other items, then you can make a big difference simply by using reusable shopping bags instead. These printed reusable bags are large, easier to use than cheap store plastic bags and can be stored readily in the trunk of your car to be used each time you go shopping. As a result, you’ll not only be doing your bit to help stop unnecessary resource use to make plastic bags, but you’ll also save money over time.

#2. Recycle

Recycling as much as possible is a huge part of living a greener lifestyle. The more items that you can recycle, the less new resources will need to be used up. Every day, you are probably using a large number of recyclable items, maybe without even realizing it! Paper, cardboard, plastic, fabrics, and many other materials can be recycled. If your community has a recycling initiative, then be sure to get on board. Different recycling bins can help you determine what to do with all your trash. It is a great way to get started and you can even make this a habit.

#3. Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores

Whilst you might like to buy some things new from time to time, there’s no denying that you can pick up some great bargains at the thrift store. Although many people were once horrified at the thought of buying second-hand products, many have come to realize that actually, thrift store shopping is the perfect way of saving money and being kind to the planet at the same time. So, next time you’re in need of something, why not see if you can find a pre-loved version instead of buying new?

#4. Energy Smart

Even if you’re not in a position to be able to afford a number of smart home gadgets, there are several things that you can do to use less energy in your home and reduce your carbon footprint as a result. For example, energy-saving light bulbs use a significantly lower amount of electricity, whilst energy-saving appliances are run at the highest possible efficiency to make sure that you get everything done without wasting energy. Simple actions such as switching lights and electronic devices or keeping doors closed can also make a huge difference.

How are you planning to be greener in 2018? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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