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Four Things You Can Recycle For Money

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Not many of us know that certain things can be recycled for money. Here are 4 items that surprisingly, would fetch you money upon recycling them.



Who would want that smelly trash you put out every day, you ask? Well, a company known as TerraCycle would actually want your trash, and pay you for it as well. The company has tie ups with schools and other organizations that usually collect large amounts of trash. However, they would pay individual contributors as well, and take up anything from chocolate bar wrappers to even scotch tapes. Better yet, they pay for the shipping as well. So here’s an excellent way to get rid of your trash as quick as possible, and earn some money while you do it as well.


Gift Cards

If you have a ton of unused gift cards, grocery store saving cards and even gas cards that you don’t plan on using in the future as well, send them over to Gift Card Rescue. The company would collect these cards and send you a check nearly equaling the face value of the cards you sent. Face it. You won’t be using those cards anyway. So why have them lying around the house when you can send them over to Gift Card Rescue and earn some money in the process. Furthermore, go online to read spot money review on different sites, which would eventually help you monetize your trash.


Human Hair

The practice of selling human hair for money is usually predominant in Asian countries. But that doesn’t mean you cannot profit from the same. There are several wig making, hair extension and heirloom hair weaver companies that can take your locks and pay you for the same. The rates would vary anywhere between $200 -$1500 dollars depending on the length and quality of your tresses. Visit sites like buyandsellhair.com, hairwork.com or thehairtrader.org to know about the details. Sites like Craiglist and eBay would also have buyers looking out for quality tresses.


Cooking Oil

Most of us tend to throw away used cooking oil on the pretext that it would be unhealthy for the body. However, certain biodiesel companies and recycling centers can buy your used cooking oil and then sell them to individuals who can use the oil to heat up their homes in winter. You can also trade your used cooking oil for movie or bus passes. Check newspapers or online adverts for places near your home that would buy used cooking oil.