Four ways by which disposable Hair has been recycled

Every human being on this planet visits a hair salon for getting his or her hair trimmed more often than not. We seldom think about the wastage of our hair after the stylist trims our hair and disposes off the cut portion into waste bins. Can we design something good out of this huge amount of waste material? Yes we can. Lets look at four innovative ways by which waste hair has been used for making something useful.


  • Fertilizer

Human hair is known for containing high amount of nitrogen and oxygen in its strands. Once the hair starts to degenerate, it can prove to be an effective fertilizer for crops and even container plants. The hair swept from a salon can be collected, composted or degenerated by adding some organic compounds and we have a more than able form of fertilizer. It is also proven scientifically that human hair can form an excellent fertilizer for plants such as lettuce which need high amount of nitrogen.

  • Furniture

Hair strands have been found to be tougher than fiberglass which has given rise to their potential use in the creation of furniture. Add to that, hair strands are non-conductive and water resistant as well. Normal hair is also not prone to corrosion like the iron made furniture is. Chairs have been carved out from hair strands and have been known to be quite sturdy.

  • Art form

Hair can be used in an extremely innovative manner to form art forms. This can be done by combining hair strands with other materials for forming designs that resemble historic tribal art. The use of hair for art form can be particularly straightforward, when the silk strands or other types of strands are needed in an art form. These can be easily replaced with hair strands to provide a neat look.


  • Hair based apparel

Recently, news emerged that a fashion designer in Vietnam created a dress out of numerous hair strands. Hair strands have been used to create a design on various dresses by some designers. Also, trousers have been made in which the material is extracted from hair strands. It won’t be long before such apparel made out of hair strands starts becoming a fashion trend.

Hair wastage can be considerably eliminated if the different uses of hair mentioned above can be implemented on a larger scale. These are not the only uses of hair though, as there have been many other different ways by which inventors have used hair for creative purposes.

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