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Future Perfect: Zero energy gadgets that need no charge from the mains

Zero energy gadget

What’s happening right now?

Technology is growing by the day and every other day we have something new to be amused about. This also leads us to a constant desire to update our gadgets and be in tune with the world. But, have we ever thought about the kind of energy consumed by these powerful gadgets? In order that the world goes on, we need to device ways to sustain energy. Awakening to the cry of nature, many scientists have been planning safer and more effective use of technology through minimal power consumption. Development is on for self powered nano devices that that can operate without the help of batteries. This technology will help us in developing medical sensors that can be implanted, surveillance cameras that have sensors, personal electronics that can be worn and many more devices that do not need a battery for operation and collects energy from the environment. Here are some wonderful gadgets that consume zero energy:


1. OrigAudio Self-Powered Speakers

OrigAudio Self-Powered Speakers

Do you like listening to music while travelling? Do you want it loud and clear and surround you like how rhythms and drum beats surround you when you hear it from a powerful speaker? Do not fret. Here’s a way to carry your speakers around wherever you travel. OrigAudio has come out with their range of fold and play speakers which can be folded flat and together like an origami art.

OrigAudio speakers are made of recycled materials and are self powered as well. These innovative cubes that measure 3 inches also come with beautiful designs printed on the surface like CityScape, DayDrea, Flowers, Lake, SurfBreak etc. It also allows you to create your own imaginative designs on the surface with a plain surface to showcase your creativity.

The speakers can be connected to any audio device that comes with a headphone jack. They easily slide into any laptop sleeve. They come for $16 a set. Now you can enjoy rocking music anywhere on earth, whether you are on the move, in the wilderness or on the beach. Their slim and flat design makes them very portable and easy to carry around.

2. Self-Powered Emergency Tool

Self-Powered Emergency Tool

Emergencies do crop up and most of the time we are caught off hand. Here is a cool way to stay alert all the time, especially when you are travelling to or are in a place where help could be difficult to come by. Self powered emergency tool or Swiss+Tech BodyGard Survivor 12-In-1 Self-Powered Emergency Companion survival tool is a great gadget which you can use while you are in remote areas.

The tool comes with 12 survival options which include a red flashlight in LED, security alarm that is motion activated, digital FM radio, charging output for your cell phone, red emergency flasher, AC charging adaptor output, a mirror for signalling, compass, adjustable lanyard, a small storage compartment and a hand crank that can be self charged and helps you produce electricity as per your need. The self powered emergency tool is an excellent gadget that can be carried along anywhere you travel as it is light weight and very cheap as well. Being self sufficient, you need not wait for help to come by if you are in trouble and have all the basic necessities in place to get through emergency channels, rather than waiting for luck to help you out. It comes for about $ 24.99.

3. Self-powered Laser

Self-powered Laser

Self powered laser is a concept that offers great protection for bicycle riders who are the most exposed when it comes to road accidents. The product, known as ‘laser’ was developed by an industrial designer named Leonardo Manavella is nothing but a green elliptical beam that is drawn around the bicycle to demarcate the safety zone. If any other vehicle crosses the safety zone, the green light immediately turns red and the alarm bell which sounds like several horns go off, warns the bicyclist as well as the intruder.

The laser is charged by the dynamo and powered by pedalling. It is a perfectly eco friendly way of travelling and a very green concept as well. Self powered lasers will help in keeping cyclists safe and will also reduce accidents considerably. This gadget will finally enable cyclists to ride without fear whether is morning or at night. The green light emitted by the laser has great visibility and hence can never be missed by intruding vehicles. Coupled with the alarm horns that could be annoying for a peaceful traveller, it sure does an excellent job.

The concept

Self powered batteries recharge themselves through kinetic energy, body heat, muscle movements, vibrations, mechanical energy, piezoelectric materials etc. The prototypes are already out and let’s hope that they hit the market soon.

The Advantages

Cost: As gadgets are self powered through environmental means, it will be much less expensive and easy to afford.

Eco friendly: Self sustained gadgets don’t consume any energy and so are easy on your pocket.They help in reducing carbon emission caused due to electricity consumption.They can be used at all places without worrying about the availability of a wall socket. They also help you to generate renewable energy.

The Impact

As energy consumption increases, energy prices are also shooting up and self sustaining technology will help to meet the energy requirement and prices adequately without spending much from our pocket.