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Future Perfect: Technologies to make solar power cheaper than coal

Cheap solar power

What’s happening right now

The solar energy has come up as a perfect alternative to other non-renewable forms of energy and the advantage this eco-friendly energy is that it is available in nature for free that saves your cost of production. There are number of solar devices being manufactured these days by famous brands but most of them are costly as it involves latest technology elements that are rare to find. This high price is one of the major reasons this green technology is unable to evolve at a large scale. The research companies are working on it and have discovered few solar coating that is cost-efficient and is affordable. The Nanosolar Company is working on this project and has planned to develop mega solar project in Germany and California.


1. MIT’s solar thermal power in a flat panel

Solar thermal power in a flat panel

The researchers at MIT have come up with an awesome concept that would increase the efficiency of a solar device by roughly eight times. The concept behind this new technological research is simple and is similar to that of the earlier solar energy production method. In this new concept the solar cells are replaced by flat solar panels without the use of tracking system. This elimination of the system has resulted in rapid increase in the efficiency of the solar device. Research is still on and we hope to get something really cool out of it.

2. MIT’s Nano-templated molecules that store energy

Nano-templated molecules that store energy

The people at MIT are always on with their latest research and always bring out shocking results. This time the researchers at MIT have developed a unique way of storing the solar energy so that it can be used effectively for some purpose at a later stage. In this method the sun’s energy is stored in the form of chemicals rather than directly converting it into electrical energy. This process has wide advantages over the previous one and has become so popular that various companies have actually started using it.

3. Solar cells printed on a sheet of paper

Solar cells printed on a sheet of paper

The solar cells are these days being printed on sheet of paper which allows higher concentration of energy onto it and results in large amount of energy being produced. This awesome concept was developed by researchers at MIT and published it in their latest online paper. This way is really appreciated for its cost-effective structure and high energy production.

4. GE’s cheap solar power technology

GE’s cheap Solar power technology

The General Electric (GE) have informed the media that they have come up with few ideas that they will be implementing and will be making elements that would result in a cheap generation of energy using solar devices. It is estimated to take five years and they believe after five years the prices might fall down at rapid rate and a middle-income people would easily be able to keep these eco-friendly devices in their stock.

5. A virus to improve nano-solar cell efficiency

A virus to improve nano-solar cell efficiency

The US scientists have come up with awesome concept which will increase the solar power efficiency with few doses of virus. The scientists have found a virus named M13 virus, which is basically used to infect bacteria’s at large scale, can be effectively used to control the arrangement of carbon nanotubes which would ultimately result in higher efficiency of solar devices by 8-10%. This will solve the problem of growing up solar cells at large scale and ultimately would result in a cheaper availability of solar devices.

The concept

The concept is simple, people across globe and the researchers and scientists are trying hard to make something regarding the solar technology that would result in availability of solar devices at cheap prices. MIT institute have come up with unique ideas and the scientists at US have also given their studies for the better development of this eco-friendly technology. Eyes are especially on this technology as it’s available in vast quantity and can be easily harnessed to perform the basic operations of life. Scientists are working hardly regarding this topic and the companies have claimed that they will be manufacturing new technologies that would result in cheap solar prices. This might take few years but until then let’s hope we get the best.

The advantages

There are a number of advantages for solar energy. This is a vast energy available all across the globe and the universe and provides enormous amount of energy to Earth. This energy is to be utilized in an effective manner. Moreover this energy is completely eco-friendly, that is it does not affect the environment at all and also generates for us a required amount of essential energy. This energy is considered to be the most powerful and the strongest of all and if the technology is developed on the right way, it would bring out a complete new and a green future for all the people of Earth.

The impact

This eco-friendly form of energy has a rapid impact on all the people across the globe. They have come to known the easiest and effective way of producing energy using natural sources like sun without even polluting environment like the other coal energy production and other forms of energy production does. This form of energy is enormous and has a wide impact on nature. All we have to do is use it effectively in right way and it will lead to a greener and perfect environment and surrounding. The researchers at various institutes are finding unique ways to store this energy and use it for the betterment of nature. No matter what this energy is proving right now, in future this energy will be the mostly used and every people will have their contribution towards a greener environment.

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