Gadgets and accessories that can kill water wastage

The water resources of our world are limited. Though the world is made of three parts water and one part solid, the amount of drinkable water is really meager. Scarcity of water is a serious problem that plagues the lives of millions people across the earth. Under such circumstances wasting water is not just a mistake but a moral crime.

In many nations, the residents have to pay water bills for getting clean and safe drinking water. By preventing water wastage they can reduce the amount of their water bill and save money. Thankfully, technology has come to our aid. There are several excellent products available in the market that can help in reducing water wastage in urban and sub-urban households. In the following your will find a list of gadgets and accessories which can help you in stopping water wastage.

Phyto-purification bathroom:

 Phyto-purification bathroom

Our bathrooms and kitchens are the places where maximum water wastage takes place. The Phyto purification bathroom can help in effectively cutting down water wastage inside the bathrooms. Its sustainable design consists of hydraulic systems that help in channeling the water through plants. The plants cleanse the water and recycles water if necessary.

Urinal and Sink Combo:

 Urinal and Sink Combo

A lot of water is flushed every time you use the urinal in your bathroom. The urinal and sink combo helps in reducing water wastage in flushing the urinal. The water you use for washing face, mouth and hands is used here for cleaning the urinal. This multiple use of same water can definitely reduce wastage.

iSave Faucet:

 iSave Faucet

Another channel through which water gets wasted is the faucet. There are several faucets in your home and some of them probably leak a little all day long. Homeowners use the faucet water abundantly without knowing how much water they have used. Thinking of all these, Reamon Yu has designed a new types of faucet namely the iSave Faucet that will help users in preventing unnecessary water wastage. It has a dial like LED screen where the amount of water you use is shown. The LED does not need to be powered by any outside sources.



Another very useful accessory that helps in reducing household water wastage is the Waterpebble. This product has been designed by Paul Priestman, who noticed how people waste water while showering. Most urban dwellers are in the habit of showering for a longer period of time than necessary and wasting water. The Waterpebble device keeps a tab on the amount of water that goes down the plug hole.

It signals by changing the color of the light inside it that enough water has already been used. This way it curbs the time a man or woman takes for showering everyday. This device can be used to help children understand the necessity of preserving water and reducing its wastage. The users of Waterpebble can comfortably shower as long as it flashes a green light. If the light turns to yellow or red then they will have to stop showering.

Eco Showerheads:

 Eco Showerheads

Manufacturers are coming up with brilliant showerheads and fixtures that use less water without our knowledge. Eco showerheads are a unique and helpful invention that helps in cutting down the amount of water that flows down the shower while you take bath. You will not even feel the scarcity of water. The Pulse Eco system pulses water just 30 to 40 times every second.


Several interesting and fascinating gadgets and accessories in the market can help you in cutting down the amount of water used in your household. By reducing water wastage, you can save money on water bills.

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