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Gaia branding by Carla Torres promotes recyclable plant packaging

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Eco-friendliness and green living are the most common words that we hear today. In the present scenario, the governments, firms and individuals across the globe are putting in lots of efforts toward a greener earth. Carla Torres is one among such artist who, like a responsible human being, is working towards conservation of our ecosystem. This very fact is reflected in her Gaia branding designs.

If you look at the packaging of the seeds, you will really appreciate the kind of thought Carla has put into designing them. The Gaia seeds are available in pretty recyclable tubes. These tubes are artistically and neatly labelled to denote what cultivar it contains. With lots of efforts, seed combinations have also been made and showcased in transparent buckets. It is really thoughtful of her to assemble different types of seeds that can bloom into different colors.

Aside from packaging Gaia seeds in such an earth-friendly way, Carla Torres has extended her expertise to gardening gloves, fertilizers, clippers and other tools also. So, in my view, Carla’s exceptional eco friendly designs are a real subject of appreciation and a unique gift to the gardeners.

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