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The Garbage Phoenix – Stunning sculpture by Urban Trash Art

The Garbage Phoenix

Remember the legendary bird ‘Phoenix’ from your childhood story books? The legendary bird is believed to have lived a 500 years and than burned itself to ashes and rose again to lead another life. The same bird is now back again, not in its animated form, but in sculpture. Sao Paulo based designer duo Rodrigo Machado and Pado, collectively known as Urban Trash Art, are working in Toronto these days, as part of summer programming series of the Whippersnapper Gallery, towards making a huge Phoenix from urban trash.

Whippersnapper Gallery promotes budding artists to showcase their work . The gallery is based in Toronto and it has invited the artist duo after listening a lot about their urban trash art. Now the designers are making a huge sculpture of Phoenix from loads and loads of trash collected over a period of three days from all nooks and crannies of Kensington market of Toronto. The duo has used this trash and some adhesive and binding material like screws, tapes, glue, etc for making the sculpture. The wings of the bird are made up of doors, broken chairs, hockey sticks, boards, etc. The arcing break on the wings consists of bike tires, chairs and even an old and discarded mop. The bird will be ready soon and its wings will serve as a bandstand for a free party being organized by Whippersnapper party.

So far, the artists have made 27 sculptures from urban trash and Phoenix is their second biggest creation. The duo started working with trash because of lack of money and resources and as they proceeded in the direction, they realized that it is an environment friendly way to make sculptures as no wood or other fresh items are used in their work. The designers’ work is well known now and people have come forward to support their work by providing them grants and commissions.

Via: UrbanTrashArt/Torontoist