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Garbage turns into enchanting sconce to highlight home decor

Coffee Sleeve Sconce

The greatest opportunities for waste minimization and recycling exist in finding better use and new designing prospects for dumped objects. This golden sconce light featured here today is one such capability that not only opens our eyes to waste management but also adds a new way of reusing trash like discarded coffee sleeves, into an aesthetic room adornment. Attached to walls, this practical as well as enchanting eco-sconce has been designed by Melissa Hui Wang and Katherine King from scraps collected from road side trashcans.

In an effort to make something useful from reclaimed goods, industrial and graphic designer Melissa Hui Wang has collaborated with Katherine King to design this unique light fixture that would otherwise have piled up as wasted trash. The Atlanta based designer duo researched that every year in an average 2.9 billion coffee-sleeves from American coffee giant Starbucks alone end up as landfill. This waste does nothing good but harm the environment in numerous ways and ends up as junk. In a mission to do something useful, they collected such discarded coffee sleeves from Atlanta street trashcans and dumpsters. Then the waste was processed for reuse and designed as soft furled petals of a flower to form an enthralling ornate design. The whole design was then mounted on assembled torn pages of thrown away sci-fi novels collected from garbage to create an intricate sconce light on the wall, the soft light permeating through the fixture heightening the dramatization of the surroundings and giving an overall sensual look.

Simple to assemble in less than an hour, the sconce design also carries a strong message that such arty and well intended recycling does help to reduce the burden on the landfill and enhance sustainability and at the same time add a spark in to your home décor.