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Get ready to enjoy the sun on wood pallet outdoor chair

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Now that the cold winters have bid adieu and the beautiful spring comes with it splendorous colors, people have started shifting their furniture out into their gardens to enjoy the colorful flowers and the sound of the chirping birds. If you are looking for a nice comfy chair to relax this spring, then this one is something you are looking for. Designed by Hero, an interior designer and Feng Sui consultant, the “Pallets Outdoor Chair” is a beauty that flaunts its green credentials. Not only is it stylish, comfortable and elegant, but is also eco-friendly because it is handmade using wood pallet.

pallet outdoor chair 2

How is it made?

The designer first cut nearly 18-20 pieces of wood pallet, measuring approximately 40-50cm in width. Then she drills a few holes in each of the pallet boards, after which a rope was passed in crosses to join them together. The rope was tied by leaving leaves little space between the planks, so that it stays stable when anyone sits on it. Then she drilled two extra holes on two outer boards from where the rope comes out for hanging purposes. All you have to do is hang the chair from the ceiling or a tree and get ready to relax under the smiling sun.

Via: Recyclart