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Get wired with dresses by Tuan Tran

Wire Dress by Tuan Tran

All the bold and beautiful ladies out there gear up to include one more alluring piece in your wardrobe. The piece in question isn’t just any other designer outfit, it’s a combo of style, cause and.. ahem.. ahem.. sexiness! Study this pic carefully to understand what is so special about this transparent dress. No! This isn’t another transparent fabric, rather this beautiful dress is made of recycled wire. It’s for sure that most of you wouldn’t want to wear it just like that. This transparent garment would look fab when worn with fitting inners, ranging from bikinis to tube tops, body hugging shorts to whatever your imagination can help you fetch. To create a bold statement try pairing this with a shimmery or bold inner or bikini tops.

These dresses would be presented in a soon to be held fashion show in San Francisco, which mainly would be an invite only show. Those who don’t want to miss seeing models sashaying down the ramp in these ‘wired’ pieces can contact on [email protected] After all there is a possibility that you are able to make it to witness this great show.

Now something about the technique involved in these dresses. A fragment of artist Tuan Trun’s imagination, these dresses are ‘green’ and are hand made from recycled wires. In general, the inspiration of shapes comes from the shapes of nature. But these inspirations have been blended perfectly with various trendy shapes in vogue in the present fashion scene. A glimpse of which you can see in the pics.

Via: SFGate