Ghanaians learn to deal with e-waste, recycle fridges into kitchenware

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Meet a Third World nation that couldn’t stop its waste-ridden tide but has instead learned to live with someone else’s e-waste. We are talking about Ghana, the world’s main receiver of electronic waste and its shantytown of Agbogbloshie that takes delivery of hundreds of tons of abandoned electronic equipment each day. Situated in Accra’s suburbs, the people of Agbogbloshie search for refrigerators in the capital’s busy market to buy abandoned fridges.

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They recycle the refrigerator metal, to produce either kitchen dishes for cooking or basins, called “head pans” that construction workers use to transport concrete. Making 8 to 10 dishes out of one fridge, the workers make a modest living by selling them for between 5 and 6 cedis each, which comes to about 3 euros.

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Via: France24

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