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Giant R2D2 model designed out of recyclable items

R2D2 Model

The idea of recycling objects seems to have captured the imaginations of many people across the world. While such initiatives are welcome due to the fact that they are environment friendly, what attracts more is when you can give “shape” to your fascination using these recycled materials as ingredients. The idea boosts up the passion and zeal to work. This “green” way of working, lets you contribute your part in using materials, which otherwise would go to the garbage.

Recyclable materials have always found some use with Len Komanac, the Star Wars loyal fan. Star Wars icon replicas have fascinated Len so much, that he does not want to leave designing another character of the series. You may be aware of his earlier Star Wars behemoth replica “AT-AT” which was made of wood, cardboard and loads of grey duct tape. Len seems to be extremely loyal to his fascination for Star Wars characters (as can be seen by his work). His fascination for the characters is unmatched, which directs him to transform into shape or design.

His present one is a R2D2 model (another inspiration from Star Wars) which is supposed to stretch the wild imagination of Star Wars fans even further. This R2D2 model (Read, Reflect, Display, and Do) stands 96 inches tall, and has been made out of cardboard, silver HVAC tape and blue duct tape. It was great effort on Len’s part to have made this giant model with so much of ingredients to incorporate. But after seeing the model images, it seems that 50 hours gone to shape this figure have been worth the effort!

And to tell you about the list of ingredients, they are similar to the ones used earlier – the ones, which have been recycled by him again. The model contains AC boxes(5), fridge boxes(4), dryer boxes(3), glue sticks (52 in number), pens (2) white paint (1 can), aluminum tape (1 roll) and blue duct tape (3 rolls). No sophisticated tools are required to shape this droid!

Len is going to display his droid at the “Dr. StrangeLen or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make the Art” exhibition scheduled in between July 16th -September 2nd, this year at Lethbridge (Canada). I think the exhibition title aptly describes Len’s droid! Any of you who have as much fascination as Len can get yourself hooked to the exhibition to experience the awesome Star Wars replica.

It appears Len’s fascination may take more forms (wait and watch) in times to come. This work certainly deserves applaud owing to the reason that Len has used recycled items for making the droid (and has done the same with AT-AT before). It can be really challenging designing such a large-sized replica with only limited items but for the enthusiasm of Len! Hope to hear more from him soon!

Via: OddityCentral