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Gift options given the environmental touch

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Gifts no longer remain a seasonal affair. Be it a birthday, anniversary, engagement or a simple achievement; gifts can be given on any occasion to applaud the individual. How about gifting a eco-friendly gift to your loved ones or your office colleague? Some of the following gifts not only look good but are also eco-friendly:


A DIY recycling kit

Gift something that can be made of used items. For example, a jewelry box made of used cardboard or paper box and so on. Several online sites provide information on how to do so. Just a few steps and you gift the most customized gift one would have ever received. The best part is it would not cost you much; however, you will have to invest some time on it.

Bamboo crockery

Kitchen accessories

Bamboo crockery is an ideal option. They absorb less water content, hence using cutting boards made of bamboos rather than the ones made of wood are always preferred. Moreover, bamboo is scratch resistant. Hence, it can be used for a long time as compared to the plastic or breakable glass ones.

Wooden drying rack

Wooden drying rack

An electric dryer used by many households, not only consumes electricity but also costs a lot with the bill. Save money and use wooden drying racks. They might sound ancient but these lightweight portable wooden drying racks are easy to use. Simply spread your clothes and keep them in the sun. Within a few hours your clothes would be crisp dried.

Organic personal care products

Organic personal care products

Chemical personal care products like skin lotions, face wash, hair wash, scrubbers, face packs are not only high in terms of their cost but also might be harmful to your skin or hair on a long term. Many herbal and organic products are available in the market, which are made of fruit or herbal plant extracts. These are not only economical but are also good on the skin and hair. If you still are confused, then you can give a try at the nearby organic spa.

Organic fresh food

Organic fresh food

Preserved or canned food is a passé. Many Departmental stores these days provide organic fruits and vegetables. Not only are their fresh but also full of nutrition. Treat yourself with an organic fruit salad or a chopped vegetable salad rather than the preserved bread or cookies.


Gift some of these easily available options to your colleagues or loved ones. You can consider it a message of go green being initiated by you and spread across to as many around you.