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Ginkgo Umbrella

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Ginkgo is an innovative compact umbrella, redesigned from scratch and made entirely in just one recyclable material. It is stiff and flexible, able to absorb random impacts and wind force without breaking or bending, but also lightweight, colorful and warm to the touch. And it is 100% recyclable. It’s made of one single material, which is recyclable almost everywhere. In other words, when you no longer have any use for it, you just toss it in a recycling bin .All Ginkgo components are made by plastic injection molding, meaning that each part can be colored as desired, for a virtually infinite variety of possible combinations and customizations. And some cheerful colors under the rain can make a difference.

The stretchers are not assembled, but made with a single piece of flexible plastic. The peculiar patented geometry allows them to resist strong winds by elastically flexing and returning into position without bending or inverting. The hinges are designed to last for thousands of open close cycles. Ginkgo is made up of just 20 pieces instead of the 120 pieces of the standard ones.