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Globe-trotting Swiss family teaches earth-friendly ways

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Schworers are a truly nature loving eco-friendly family. How many of us would consider raising a brood while at the same time globe- trotting from one corner to another teaching people earth friendly ways. Swiss Dario Schworer, a 42-year-old climatologist and mountain guide, and his 33-year-old wife Sabine Schworer-Ammaun are on a mission to do just that. The couple which has already spent seven years travelling and have three children since the adventure began plans to visit every continent using only pedal and wind power. Ever since they started their trip in Europe they have climbed the highest mountains, sailed across the world’s oceans to spread their environmentally friendly lifestyles.
So far they have interacted with 45,000 children from South America, Australia and Asia, and given presentations about the importance of recycling and using alternative energy like solar and wind power. On one their trips to Ecuador they taught people how to use sun’s rays to purify water and inspired a person in Chile to build a house on water with recycled plastic bottles as a foundation. Having visited 47 countries on the European, South American and Australian continent the couple is now headed towards the Oriental world before sailing to Africa to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro followed by the freezing Antarctica and North America.

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