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Go green by saving the paper

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Paper is a product of trees.Increasing use of paper can be dangerous for our environment, whereas less use contributes to save mother nature. There is a rapid change in the earth’s ecosystem owing to cutting of tree. Several measures are being taken to stop the use of paper from business and our lives. Consider reading some of the ways to use less or no paper by which nature can be saved.

Paper Management

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Introduction of a paper management system in offices, schools and home can help save paper.The computer can be used for editorial purpose and corrective measures should be taken before printing.Going digital helps save the environment.

Go Online

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Use internet as much as you can toavoid paper usage. E-mail is the best part of correspondence, whichhelps save paper in a big way. Personalized greetings can also be sent through mails. Electronic signature can be used where the documents require signature. Using online payment methods, subscribing online news, magazines and e-booksnot only saves time and money but also the environment.

Create backups

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We are living in the 21st century where technology is ruling the roost in every sector. Create backup of your important documents with the help of a scanner and other image making applications. Let technology be your promoter not a paper.

Advertise through social media

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Various platforms of social media can be used for endorsement. Social media is a fast process, which helps to reach out to more people as compared to paper media. Nowadays, internet advertising, also referred as digital media, has been successful in replacing paper advertising. Essaylib.com promotes saving environment.

Inspire and get inspired   

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Inspiration is the best knowledge we can fetch and distribute. Try to inspire others by telling them the negative effects of using paper on the environment. Awareness of recycling, reduction and reuse of paper is the best way of educating society.

Say no to disposable products


Using paper made disposable products,in marriages, functions and social gatherings can be avoided.Cloth napkins can replace paper napkins and glass cups the disposable ones.

The mentioned points can help in saving the environment. Keeping in mind that paper is valuable and measures must be taken to save it by implementing technological methods in day-to-day life.

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