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Go Green : The new Fashion Mantra for Campbell students

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If you thought fashion has nothing to do with the green revolution around the world, then you are running short of true facts. Fashion has already stepped into the arena of green revolution by doing its bit using vegetable dye and colours, eco-friendly accessories, bags and the latest being clothes.

Adding to the latest green contribution of the fashion industry, Campbell High fashion marketing and merchandising students have come up with dresses that are eco-friendly and made from recycled materials.

A dress made of recycled cans, a trapeze top made of cardboard, a skirt made of recycled bottles – think this all to be lunatic talks? Well this is amazingly true and are recent creations by American designers who have reused newspapers, cans, bottles, rubber, cardboard and other eco-friendly materials for clothing and other fashion jobs thus creating vibes all over the fashion world by introducing a all new green style.

And inspired by the American designers, the Campbell students for their project, have come up with three dresses designed by them that are made of reused newspapers and eclectic accessories that were attached by the students by using hot glue gun and tape thus arming to shot off a new green fashion statement.

The fashion students are of the view that most of the materials that are thrown away as trash can be recycled and reused in cloth making as well as in other jobs in a creative and innovative way. The students also opined that newspapers can also be used as a material to create handbags, doll clothing, and jewelry.

Now to what heights of public interest this new green step in fashion reaches is a tale of time but that the green concept have stirred the fashion world and has created a hype dismisses any denial.

Via: Smyrna-ViningsPatch