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Go off-grid in ecocapsules that run on solar power

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Ecocapsule is an ideal option for photographers, scientists, adventurers, and for anybody who wants to experience off the grid living. Ecocapsule is an eco-friendly self-sustaining pod like structure that is adept at offering an unmatched dwelling experience. Its portability, flexibility, and its off-grid life span makes it ideal for use as a research station, emergency house during emergencies, and a fun tourist lodge in the wilderness.

Brainchild of the Nice Architects

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Ecocapsule is a superb concept designed by the Nice Architects, a studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is a dream house that resembles the shape of an egg that people can use to experience off the grid living. Initially designers designed Ecocapsules solely for people who have to stay in the wilderness for long, such as the scientists, wildlife photographers, rangers, and so.

It was only later that they widened the options and planned to make it available for just about anybody who likes to experience off-the-grid living and big time adventurers. One can place it on one’s terrace and enjoy stargazing and nature watching, take it to the camping site and enjoy a comfortable stay in the wild.

The self-sufficient Ecocapsules

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Having a small, sleek, egg-like structure, the Ecocapsules have become the latest eco-friendly design that supports off-the-grid living, enabling you to live in it with freedom. One can tow this self-sufficient wagon around the world.

Weighing 1500kg and with 2.55×4.45×2.25m/4.5m (HxLxW) dimension, Ecocapsule is ideal for housing two people with utmost comfort. It has a well-designed space and a retractable solar panel and a wind turbine powers it. Therefore, it is an energy efficient home, with a compact shape, and all luxuries that can make an off the grid living enjoyable.

Focusing on the eco-friendly features of the Ecocapsule, solar and wind energy powers it and a rainwater collection tank with a filtration system installed to meet the water requirement. Getting inside, the portable home has a folding bed, two large windows, storage space, working/dining area, built in kitchenette with running water, and a flushable toilet with a shower for bathing. All these features make Ecocapsule score no less than any big home that is not portable.

Compact yet spacious

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Ecocapsule is a compact design but it seems magical how it manages to house two individuals comfortably at a time. According to the designers, it was a big challenge for them to fit in so many things into the small body of the pod. Yet another challenge was to design such an interior wherein there is enough space for two people to sit and walk as well.

Designers faced these challenges and it is no less than a miracle that they managed to give this pod almost everything a home offers for a comfortable stay.

The eco-friendly power

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A 750W wind turbine provides enough wind power to the pod and a 2.6 square meter of high efficiency solar cells provide for the solar energy requirement of the Ecocapsule. The dual power system backed by the high efficiency battery are there in the pod to ensure the people living in it get enough of power even when there is no or reduces sunshine or winds in the region. The rainwater collector has an overflow valve that accepts as much water as the capacity of the tank, thus, preventing water wastage.

Ecocapsules would be available for sale in the first half of 2016 and the architects are looking forward to it usage on the camping sites, as emergency shelters, and as research stations. One can transport this pod with the help of a trailer, and to add more convenience and practicality the architects are making the wheeled campervan version of Ecocapsule as well.

Ecocapsule seems to be an ideal upcoming solution for a comfortable off-the-grid stays, be it in an adventurous camp, an interior research station or for housing people in times of emergency.

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