Go Vegan and Never Go Hungry


Veganism isn’t just a lifestyle – it’s one of the hottest food trends sweeping the UK. Gone are the days when being vegan meant nibbling on carrots and tofu. Today’s vegan options are funky, healthy, and delicious. Even meat-eaters will be tempted!

A food can only be called ‘vegan’ if it doesn’t contain animal products and hasn’t been derived from a living creature in any way. Veganism excludes meat, dairy, honey, eggs, and shellfish. Once upon a time, that might have seemed like a lot – but vegan cuisine has come a long way!  There’s no end to the incredible dishes that can be made from plant-based foods such as nuts, soybeans, vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains, seaweed – the list goes on. Let’s check out the most popular vegan foods trending right now.

Vegan Burgers

Vegan Burger

Who said burgers were for meat-eaters only? Turns out some of the best fillings are made from chickpeas, soybeans, and even mushrooms! Best of all, you can whip them up right in your kitchen at home or grab some restaurant-quality vegan meals from delivery service Deliveroo. One of our favorite vegan dishes is this spicy black bean burger, which can be made with a humble old can of beans. Or get a little creative with fungus and try your hand at a vegan mushroom burger – you’ll be surprised how similar mushrooms are to meat! Perfect for a chilled Friday night in.

Moqueca Bahiana

Say what? That’s right – this amazing Brazilian stew is both exotic and vegan! Traditionally made with monkfish or cod, the very vegan version uses only portabello mushrooms, carrots, and celery, and replaces milk with coconut milk. Nutritious and richly satisfying, it’s a great winter warmer. Definitely, one to impress your guests!

Vegan Irish Cream

Forget missing out on the after-dinner tipple! It’s entirely possible to make Irish cream from coconut milk, coffee, and whiskey: the ultimate vegan nightcap. Enchantingly Irish – and no dairy required!

Tofu With Kimchi

Chilled tofu

You can’t be a vegan if you don’t like tofu, right? Here’s a tofu treat that’ll knock the soybeans out of any other vegan dish! This incredible Tofu with Vegan Kimichi combines a bunch of the hottest superfoods on the vegan cuisine scene. Fermented foods such as kimchi are known to aid digestion and relieve gastrointestinal ills, while tofu is one of the cleanest proteins available. And the zappy flavor beats traditional roast chicken any day!

Sweet Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Sweet treats are where vegan food really shines. Gone are the days when butter and milk were necessary ingredients – now all you need is peanut butter and pumpkin! These glorious pumpkin cupcakes are easy enough for kids to make.

Go Vegan And Forget Missing Out

The next time a host says to you, “Oh no, you’re vegan?!” and starts to panic about whether they know how to cook tofu, let them know just how diverse your diet really is! In fact, why not host a dinner party yourself and showcase your new-found knowledge of meat-free menus? Chances are you’ll wow your guests with the versatility of mushrooms and beans. You might even convert them to join you!

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