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Going Green: Eco-Friendly Property Upgrades

In today’s date, carbon footprints, melting ice caps, holes in the protective layer of atmosphere, global warming and increasing pollution are the major concerns for the environmentalists all over the globe. Increase in pollution has lead to acceleration in the major phenomena that global warming is today. Seasons seem to be detracting from their natural course of actions and natural calamities such as typhoons and cyclones seem to be increasing in numbers.

Its time every hand possible lend their help in controlling the appalling destruction of nature. One of the ways in which any person can contribute towards preserving mother earth and Mother Nature for a little while longer is by going green. Being Eco friendly is the trend in vogue today. Everything from power, fuel and food can be procured, used and disposed in an Eco friendly manner. Most of time, eco friendly products/services are not only good for the nature and environment but also fit your bill by being more energy/fuel efficient. Easy property upgrades and through personal choices, house owners can not only get the most cost effective homes but also take a small step towards eco friendliness. This also enhances the life of a property.

There are several steps to include eco friendly property upgrades in your daily lives. Some of them would be as mentioned below.

[box_dark]Using Energy Star appliances[/box_dark]

All the new age and modern home appliances- right from your air conditioner to refrigerator and microwaves come with an energy ratings which helps you identify the more energy efficient product. A high energy star rating can help save your electricity by up to 30%. Replace the old appliances as they consumer more power. The cost incurred in the purchase of the new ones will eventually pay off in the terms of reduced power bills. Also property upgrade in terms of use of smarter appliances such as tank less water heaters that heat water on demand unlike the traditional ones that store and heat water can be executed.

Cleaning agents and products also present a threat to the environment as many of them can have a high non biodegradable content which ultimately becomes harmful for the environment. To avoid this, try and use the cleaning agents which have bio degradable constituents in their makeup. A lot of such agents can be dished straight from the kitchen of the household. Use of white vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda and borax can prove useful and convenient. However, these products have their own shortcomings as they cannot be used on all surfaces.

[box_dark]Use of solar electricity to power your house[/box_dark]

The generally unused area of terrace can be put into use by installing solar cells that trap the energy sunlight and convert into usable power. A very convenient and cost effective method of eco friendly power generation, it taps the never ending resources of sun for everyday needs and thus helps the cause f depleting mineral resources in a positive way. The cost of installing the solar cells can be met in a few years through the money saved in paying off the electricity bills. Solar energy is readily available at any time of the day and can be saved p for use at nights thus there is no effect of eminent power cuts as such.

[box_dark] Eco friendly landscaping[/box_dark]

Try and improve your landscape to include as much greenery as possible. Plan a site that will require less fertilizer and water. Do a complete research about the plants that will require less water and fertilizer. It is very important to keep in mind the size of site and the size of plant when fully grown. Enough breathing space is required so that the growth of one plant is not overshadowed by the one which has a faster growth spurt.

Such eco friendly practises and property upgrades not only help the environment but also the user through their cost effectiveness and durability.