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Gorgeous Jelly Fish sculpture made from recycled wire

Wire Sculpture

Recycling started to emerge almost 40 years ago and now is an essential aspect of all those people who aspire for a greener future. Recycling involves recovery of used materials from the dump and then using the same to fabricate new and useful products. It is a process that doesn’t just conjure up the plastic bottles and paper but also materials like wood glass and metals including nuts, bolts and wires. Yes, wires made of metal can be recycled.

In fact, past few years have seen wire recycling gain a major hold in the recycling industry. There are a large number of companies that are involved in recycling. These companies will readily buy your old copper wire and then send it for refining or smelting. There is another, more eco-friendly and artistic way to recycle the same wire, which is crafting it into a wire sculpture. It is an innovative form of metal art that is gaining popularity among various designers.

Tuan Tran of San Francisco has made various artefacts of wire. Jelly-fish wire sculpture is one his creative marvels – an extremely flawless design. The artist was inspired by the colourful jelly fish and its graceful moments, and tried to incorporate the same grace and ease in his art piece. These colorful sculptures can be suspended from the ceiling thus giving the room a magnificent charm. To add more grace to the sculpture, Tuan Tran added a light source inside his sculpture.

And the work is a wonder again. It looks so pretty when the glowing sculpture casts shadows on the walls of the room where it is hung. Tuan Tran was an ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement) teacher and has dedicated 25 years of his life to art. He created almost all handicrafts from recycled materials which show his environmental concern reflecting in his art and craft. He has been working with various other cast-off materials that include insulin bottles, compact discs, recycled softballs and nail polish containers.

He has beautifully used these materials in his art work. The garment that he created using recycled wires became part of a fashion show. The fashion wears included long gown-like frocks, one-shoulder dresses and short party dresses. People are tending to move towards more recycling which can benefit not only the environment, but also for companies which connect to the retrieving of reusable waste. One of the benefits of wire recycling is that a little quantity of new material is required for fabricating new wire and also the landfill heap that was increased by wire dump is reduced drastically.

And with all those advantages, you will also get some personal benefits as you will certainly get paid for the amount of wire you give for recycling. The waste wires can be bent, twisted, and also hammered to form various shapes and can be thus transformed into artistic sculptures. Various artists cherish recycled wire as an art material because it is less expensive and might even cost nothing if collected from the junk yards and trash bins.