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Gottfried’s Oakland home is eco friendly and sustainable

Located in Oakland, this Eco-friendly home was built in 1915 and David Gottfried renovated this Rockridge area home. Gottfried is the designer of LEED certification. This house can comfortably accommodate four people and has got platinum level award for the green building. Featuring a solar-ready system, 100-year-old reclaimed redwood is used in the deck, entryway and outdoors shower of this house.

Home made from recycled materials

Gottfried has removed most walls from the house’s main portion in order to make the kitchen, dining room and internal hallways open and airy. Recycled content tiles are used in the kitchen, which also features clear-front cabinets. The focal point of this sustainable home is the kitchen. The back of the home has the large and spacious master bedroom with French doors. This room is connected to a deck. No shower is there in the master bedroom because this house already features outdoor shower. The house also feature a large closet stands, which is the best place to install the shower.

The mudroom of the house is retrofitted from an enclosed porch. Gottfried has turned a former utility room into a family room. The backyard of this sustainable building features a steel “Lifepod” building, which is freestanding. This building features eight solar PV panels and has system to capture the rainwater and used it for useful purpose. This structure also features radiant heating and has hi-speed Internet connectivity. The new dual pane windows make this building Eco-friendly and sustainable. This building features some edible gardens, which have tomatoes, kales, Meyer lemons and cucumbers.

This beautiful home has three well-decorated bedrooms featuring all modern amenities. This 1,731 square feet home is a classic example of using the modern technology in a sensible manner to come up with a structure that is not only Eco-friendly but highly efficient as well. This home worth $1.295 million has developed into a tourist spot with many people coming here to learn more about the ways employed by Gottfried to turn a normal building into a completely sustainable structure. Gottfried has used his brilliance to show us that the concept of sustainable building renovation can be achieved by conviction and determination. This completely renovated building is located near Oakland’s College Avenue. Gottfried has not made changes in the wood details of this house and has retained the original craftsman structures.

Renowned Berkeley architect Dan Smith and Canyon Construction were hired by Gottfried to renovate this 1915 building, while David Thorne designed the master-landscaping plan. This building is called “eco-bling” by media. This home is well-polished and it features Energy Star rated appliances supplied by Bosch. The LED lighting, and a cloud-based dashboard by Lucid also add to the beauty of this house. The dual flush toilets used in this house are supplied by Croma. The vermiculture and compost bins used in this house minimize the waste. As part of renovation, Gottfried has upgraded all systems including electrical, structural and plumbing.

Via: SFgate