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GPAC proposes egg-inspired, sustainable design for German childcare center

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Germany-based architectural firm Gerd Priebe Architects & Consultants has come up with a novel design for a childcare center in Bühlau, Germany, that seeks to bring toddlers into a close harmony with a nature-mimicking, sustainable architecture. While the ‘egg’ is the main form used for this childcare center, the spatial relationships between the building and its exterior offer ample scope for introducing up-to-the-minute green technologies.

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The employed eco-friendly technologies include rain and wastewater recycling, use of low maintenance and maintenance free materials, and generation of emission-free CO2 energy. Another aspect that the innovative building facade takes care of is to provide the pre-school children with opportunities to conceptualize their own space.

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A dedicated ‘discovery zone’ is specially created to develop the sensory perception of kids as it connects the ‘eggs’ to create a unified space. The ‘Blind Man’s Bluff’ positioned over the sanitary tract can be used as an observatory or planetarium. Moreover, interesting sunlight patterns and mythical creatures pop up as the ‘open’ and ‘closed’ roof spaces allow ample sunlight to pass through them.

Via: WorldArchitectureNews