Five green alternatives to dry cleaning

Dry cleaning

We all known the most polluting components of the air and we blame mostly the automobiles and other forms of vehicle that produces toxic gases that contaminate environment. Most of us do not know much about the affects of dry cleaning. We seldom give our clothes for dry cleaning to make them look like a new one for a longer period of time, but do you known the chemical and the gases that come out of dry cleaning process are considered to be one of the most dangerous to the human being as they might cause cancer and other health problems. But now as the green technology is developing rapidly, they have tried to overcome this problem quite effectively and produced alternative sources to overcome this particular problem. So here we are with a list of five green alternatives to dry cleaning.

1. Find a progressive cleaner

Usually we do not bother about the quality of service provided by the dry cleaners as most of them offer almost equivalent services. But majority of people use a toxic agent in their dry cleaning operation that affects the environment at a large scale. So always prefer going for a professional dry cleaner who makes use of non-perc dry cleaning. There are various alternatives available these days in market and the most common ones is – dry cleaning using a high pressure liquid carbon dioxide, dry cleaners which are based on silicone based and the latest hi-tech computer operated wet washing.

2. Consider personal dry cleaning

This is the best suited and most preferred alternative to the commercial dry cleaning. The dry cleaning is usually done using toxic elements and chemicals that leaves behind few chemicals on the cloth which later on affects the health of the user. So this is the best alternative for all the problems as you will know what is better for you and you will maximum try to use Eco-friendly components in your dry cleaning process. Install a dry cleaning operation at home and enjoy a healthy and hygienic clothes and surrounding. The home based dry cleaning is easy to set and just requires few basic steps to be followed. So next time be sure you keep all these things in mind and try to set up your own dry cleaning machine at home.

3. Opt for the washer

The washer is an easy and suitable way for keeping clothes in good condition for a longer time. The new technology washers offer wide range of operations and provide gentle cycles to your clothes with utmost safety and quality of clothes. The washers were introduced keeping in mind the needs for a better and Eco-friendly clothing and ultimately resulted in a good alternative to the harmful and dangerous dry cleaning. There are various washers available in market these days but the front-load ones are most preferred as they offer better quality than the top-load ones. Also these front-load washers are more water-efficient than the traditional top-load ones. This will help you save your clothes from dry cleaning.

4. Steam away dirt and odors

We all know that steam is a major component which is used worldwide to keep the clothes in good condition. The steam operation is highly opted as it offers better security of your clothes and also it offers high quality of service and even better when compared to traditional dry cleaning process. This steam operation completely cleans your clothes and removes the utmost dirty spots within few washes when used along with the dryer. So next time when you go for purchasing a washing machine, do confirm if it has a steam operation included, as there are few models which are not included with steam operations these days. This step will improve the quality of your clothes and will keep them safe for a longer period.

5. Re-evaluate your wardrobe

Re-evaluating your wardrobe is the next best option to get rid of dry cleaning process. This process is actually a way to reduce going to dry cleaners by selecting clothes that does not require much washing and cleaning. Such clothes are preferred as they do not need any dry cleaning option and thus are Eco-friendly and also are highly durable. It is proved that the durability of clothes decreases with the number of times you go for dry cleaning them. So such wardrobe will never let you go for dry cleaning and you will ultimately have a healthy and safe surrounding and health. So next time when you go shopping, do remember this option and try avoiding clothes and dresses that requires very often dry cleaning.

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