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Green Architecture: 5 Floating homes to house humanity after sea levels rise

The Last Resort!

With the rising temperature of the planet there is a very real threat that our future generation might really have to start looking out for alternative accommodations. A floating home is a very possible alternative and solution if the temperature keeps rising and those ice caps keep melting.

Let’s take a look at a few floating housing options that might accommodate our future generation living on a future earth submerged completely in water.

1. Tafoni floating home

Tafoni Floating Home

Designed by Joanna Borek Clement, this one offers a sustainable way of living on a floating house. This has been made to change people’s attitudes about living on a floating house. The concept is minimal in terms of energy expenditure.

The architecture features a sculptural exterior and the interior walls dividing the space into a kitchen, bedroom and a living room. A fully glazed sunroom lies in the centre of the house that illuminates all the divided areas by daylight. The frame consists of repetitive ellipsoidal wooden beams which are mass produced to save resources and energy. Another thing is the elimination of excess walls and partitions that may cramp the spaces.

2. The Last Resort

The Last Resort

Designed by RAFAA Architecture and Design, this model won a competition in Germany with their futuristic solar motif in a floating home. The prize money will definitely mean these will start showing up with more advanced fabrication by the end of the year.

They are about 5 meters wide and 15 meters long with a spacious two levels. The sleeping units and other equipments required for keeping this house floating on the sea are placed on the lower level, while the upper level opens up to a kitchen, living room and two bedrooms.

The facades have vertical blinds that shade the interiors from direct sunlight at the same time offering enough daylight and privacy for the occupants. The roof serves as the deck as well as for housing solar panels.

The idea is to create a sustainable floating home powered by solar energy.

3. Floating houses to combat floods

Anti-Flooding Floating Houses

It is true one cannot undo the fury of nature. Not now, when humans have tampered with its sanctity and authority for too long. What we can do is damage control and deal with its fury squarely! Yes, call it environmental existentialism!

An architectural firm called Waterstudio have started building these cool floating apartments to deal with floods and the future possibility of rising water levels due to global warming. The families are guaranteed to be safe and dry inside their homes.

That’s what we call Modern architecture. The foundation is built in such a way that it can detach itself and float in a time of crisis. The designing is unique considering their foundation is based upon the river bed. So when flooding occurs and the river reaches a certain point, the foundation starts rising with the water levels all the while being connected to water supply and sewage facilities by using flexible pipes.

This has been appropriated by many families living on the riverside in Netherlands.

4. tubiQ floating house Concept

tubiQ Floating house

A swanky concept water home that sets a new standard of living on water. It demonstrates a rather stylish living in the truest sense with all the essential amenities on board and the required facilities. The best part is that it is modifiable (made of various interchangeable modules) so people can live in whatever way and wherever they want by designing it themselves to a great extent. The construction is sturdy, built with aluminum and fiberglass it provides functionality at the same time protection from the waves and rough weather. It comes armed with a water system and can be equipped with solar panels and electric engines. Makes for a perfect vacation home until the icecaps start melting on us!

5. Floating Home by Polish Company Water Home

Polish Company Water Home

Designed by Polish Company Water Home, this one is a totally deluxe, mobile water home. It comes with a unique floating system that provides safety guarantee, stability and buoyancy while being resistant to the inclemency of weather conditions.

The power source comes from an in-land generator but it also has the option of installing solar panels for harnessing solar energy and wind turbines. Similarly water source can also be drawn from land or from the in-house independent pumping. It is fully networked with an intelligent design equipped with radio, internet and satellite and an EIB system unit for main navigating. The lower deck houses a hall, bathroom, sauna, living room and a patio. This one’s really for the people who want to live with style and grandeur.