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Make your home green and beautiful

Nowadays, the philanthropic concept of ‘Go Green’ has taken the entire world into its manifolds. This term has great implications in our day to day lives. We want greenery to be the one and only mantra of our existence. In fact, there are some organisations which have been diligently striving to convert this concrete world into an emerald green landscape, replete with shady bowers. These days, architects are busy creating awesome designs to support eco friendly homes, ensconced in greenery. Thus, both suppliers and consumers are ready to design and accept eco friendly systems, which compliment their tastes. Moreover, buyers are ready to invest a lot so as to get green friendly homes.

Eco friendly home

You can see a few chairs and tables fortified by beautiful trees. Here are a few tips for creating eco friendly homes.

1. Usage Of Solar Panels: First, you should consider the importance of solar panels, which are being used to heat people’s homes for decades.These eco friendly structures are really in great demand. You could install one on the rooftop of your house. Consequently, the usage of solar energy would result in the curtailment of fire or fuel consumption. The resultant miracles of such a decision are worth being tried out. You can see wonderful houses having solar panels on their roof tops. They are well encompassed with beautiful and tall green trees.

2. Appropriate Lighting: You must pay heed to the kind of lighting to be used in your house, in order to, make it eco friendly. Use the fluorescent ones instead of bulbs. These are trendy chic bulbs. Their energy consumption is quite less, as compared to light bulbs. Moreover, their life span is longer than their counterparts in the market. So guys you should definitely get these at your fingers tip.

3. Appropriate Color: Make sure to give importance to the color of the roof. If you apply coats of light color, then your rooms would be less heated. You can savor coolness inside your house. In case you want to renovate your home, use white color. This would create a serene and tranquil atmosphere inside your house. Your lovely home would simply get transformed into a heaven.

4. Proper Usage of Water: Being a responsible social being, it is your duty to save water and not to waste this scarce resource. If there are some damaged taps in your house, then please make sure to call a plumber and get them repaired. You can bet that plumbers in Los Angeles have their hands full considering the region endures drought conditions fairly often. Ensure that you wear a dress more than once and then wash it. You should make it a point to turn off the tap while you are not using it. Use shower fixtures, which allow less flow of water.

5. Prepare a Compost: You can prepare a stack of compost somewhere in a secret place beyond everyone’s reach. Mix various types of waste food items to prepare the compost. You should keep the compost exposed to the clean air, so that, it stops giving out stench. Use your creativity to convert the shells of used eggs and other stale vegetable peels to nourish the soil.

6. Use Proper Thermostats: In order to get an eco friendly home, you should also install an automatic thermostat. Try to get one that is technically upgraded. Your electric bills would be delightfully less. Make sure to clean up the air strainers frequently. In case you have decided to go out, then please readjust the temperature of the thermostat.

7. Usage of Glass Doors: In order to maintain the safety of your house, try to set up glass doors to fortify the fire place. These doors do save your home by absorbing the extra heat that passes through a chimney. It is advisable on your part to refrain from using a glass screen.

8. Usage of Multiple Fans: Make sure to set up innumerable fans so as to have an excellent air circulation in your house. You could use as many exhaust fans as you want. These have wonderful capability to draw the heat from the kitchen corner. Also, they make your bathrooms free of stale smell. Moreover, you can also have ceiling fans. They are not only helpful during the summer months, but also, serve their purpose during the the winters.

9. Proper Insulation: You should also take steps to provide proper insulation to your windows and doors. They are the most essential facets of your dream home. Get the doors and windows repaired, even if there are are hairline wreckages.

10. Proper Installation of Windows: You should take special care to install the widows of your house. They should be set up in such a way so as to guard the interiors from the harmful ultra violet rays, which would otherwise, enter your lovely home. This would definitely provide you an eco friendly environment.

11. Saving Energy: In the present day world, everybody is highly tech savvy. Almost all of you have computers in your homes. So, while using your computers or laptops, do not forget to use power strips. When you turn off the computer, some amount of energy flows through the scanners and printers.Therefore, in order to save energy consumption, use these power strips. In fact, they are not very expensive.

12. Usage Of Insulated Heater: You should always be aware of using insulated heaters so as to have hot water. You all must be knowing about the normal water heater, but try to get this one to get some extra insulation.

13. Proper usage of lighting: One thing you should always consider is that do not waste energy.You could easily install a motion detector. This would definitely help you out to save energy. If you use outdoor lights then you have to be very cautious. The outdoor lights turn out to be very pathetic to the creatures. Moreover, it also waste a huge amount of energy. Well guys, it is always better on your part to have something which would save your money at the same time gives you protection.

Hope you have well understood, how to create such an eco friendly environment. You should endeavor to create such a one, that others would get mesmerized in the eternal beauty of greenery.

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