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Green beauty products a boon for the environment

by DrPrem Jagyasi

When we use beauty products to help us look our best, we get carried away in the promise of being beautiful that we completely forget or ignore what these products are made out of. At least, very few of us read the ingredients and buy selectively. It’s time now for everyone to actually stop using beauty products which may harm the environment. 

We are conscious of what we eat, but what we rub on our face and bodies too enters our bloodstream and can cause dangerous diseases, not to mention the damage they cause the environment. Check out the reasons why green beauty products are a boon for the environment:

Green beauty products do not have any harmful chemicals

We are used to using beauty products which are chock full of chemicals like triclosan, phthalates, SLES, SLS, parabens, artificial colors and plastic microbeads. These chemical are far from being eco-friendly. In fact, ingredients like plastic microbeads which cannot be removed by water-filtration plants and enter the food chain, polluting water and contaminate fishes and the enirnment. Many governments have now put a ban on the use of plastic microbeads in beauty products.

Most chemical based beauty products are sold without any testing, so that it is unsure how those products would affect the environment and your hair and body. Many companies have changed their formulations due to consumers being more aware of dangerous chemicals as part of the formulations.

As of now, the EU has banned 1,328 chemicals from being used in cosmetics which have been suspected or known to cause birth defects, genetic mutation, or reproductive harm. The FDA is far behind as it bans only 11 chemicals.

Green beauty products use natural ingredients devoid of chemicals, but deliver good quality. These products are good for the body and the environment as they do not have any artificial ingredients or preservatives. Green brands have passion, good will and the greater good behind their initiatives.

Green products are made from sustainable ingredients

Eco-friendly beauty brands are now becoming more common. There is more demand for environment friendly beauty products leading to research into the development of organic and natural cosmetic products. Some luxury beauty brands are using exotic ingredients like Amazonian cacay nuts, harvested sustainably from trees planted to reforest Amazon forests. Ventures like this also provide employment to indigenous communities. 

Green products are more compatibles with your skin

Products which are formulated using plant derivatives work well with your skin. Natural products are recognized by our system and offer least resistance. Many green conscious companies using natural ingredients are being appreciated for the quality they provide.

Many women have a suspicion that green make-up may not be up to the mark. But actually, these products are of high quality.

The packaging of green beauty products can be recycled

Efforts are made by beauty brands that are into the manufacturing of natural products to ensure their products are packaged in bio-degradable packaging or packaging which can be recycled, such as glass bottles.

Take a look at some green beauty products which are making waves right now: 

LVX Nail Polish Removers

LVX has introduced plant based removers, breaking away from acetone. The pads are soy-based, odourless and moisturizes as they clean.

Agent Nateur

Research has proved that underarms are extremely sensitive and absorbs 100% of what is applied on them, including the heavy metal and aluminium which are the ingredients of deodorants. Agent Nateur uses non-GMO, food grade quality ingredients to manufacture this deodorant.

Face Mist from Mullein and Sparrow

Made from lavender, witch hazel and spearmint essential oils, this face mist sources their ingredients from organically grown plants.

Lemon and rose cleanser from Mullein-Sparrow

Lemon and rose are good for the skin as well as the environment. It’s a very mild cleanser which is quite effective too.

Face serum from Vintner’s

This company manufactures its products from non-toxic natural ingredients, using wine making processes and has gained a huge following, including many celebrity makeup professionals and editors of beauty magazines.

Green beauty products or natural cosmetics uses ingredients which are biodegradable and make a low impact on the environment, during the manufacturing process as well as while using and disposing.

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