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Green bikinis make saving the earth sexier at International Beauty Contest

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Sustainable and environment friendly products are quite in demand these days because of their many good qualities. Aqua Green manufactures green swimwear and the products clearly send a message that saving the Earth can be sexy as well. This initiative by Aqua Green is really commendable and through its green products it has been successful to minimize the utilization of fossil fuel by 96.9 per cent. Eco friendly products from Aqua Green are famous across the globe and this has been possible because of the high quality and the positive impact on the environment and economy. The line of sustainable swim suits, Eco Swim by Aqua Green rocked the recent ‘Miss Earth’ beauty pageant.

Eco Swim: perfect examples of sustainable fashion

Bikinis and beauty pageants are like pen and ink and that is why when Miss Earth contacted Aqua Green that made complete sense. The entire event became a platform for much more than appreciating beauty on a global level as through this it became possible to set a good example for the coming generations. The entire collection that goes by the name, Eco Swim consist of swim suits made from recycled plastic bags and bottles and they look just as sexy and they have a bright side that they pose no threat to the surroundings.


Wearing those swim suits enable the ladies to look more charming from outside as well as inside and this statement was proven cent percent right by the beautiful ladies present at Miss Earth 2012. Sustainable and green fashion is indeed the latest thing these days and International Miss Earth of this year truly followed this trend and the ladies really stood out as they looked beautiful and sensual but obviously in a ‘green’ way. Zahida Begum, Ciara Walker, Zoe Kinsella and Sara Pendar are the names of the beauties that picked their swim suits from the Eco Swim collection to wear at their promotional tour.

Louise Brown who is UK chairman of Miss Earth said that the ladies felt really fortunate and blessed when they got a chance to wear those sustainable and green swim suits. It is hard to believe that such glamorous and sensual beach wear can be made from using recycled plastic bags and bottles. Glamour and eco friendliness have joined hands at Aqua Green and the result is really worth appreciating. The Director also shared that the partnership with Eco Swim, Aqua Green is really a great thing and it is very particular as through this the participants at the event can spread awareness regarding minimizing the carbon footprint.

Eco Swim beach wear by Aqua Green is really apt for looking stylish, unique and also save the world at the same time. The latest slogan ‘Green, Glam and Gorgeous’ really make much sense with Eco Swim by the side. Going Green can be fashionable and stylish and this is no longer just a statement as Eco Swim has proven it right. Aqua Green’s Eco Swim was asked to join hands with the contestants of Miss Earth UK because Aqua Green is really growing globally and has started a very noble task of saving the oceans.


Miss Earth is a renowned beauty pageant that began in the year 2001 and has been actively involved in various initiatives to conserve the environment. The other joining hand, Aqua Green is also a known name across the globe and it is a lifestyle brand that aims at making sustainable and fashionable products for the people. Going green in a stylish manner is no longer unattainable as Aqua Green has made it possible.