Green Business Opportunities for Eco-Entrepreneurs

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The modern day consumer is just as much, if not more, concerned with a company’s responsibility to the environment as they are in the goods and services the company offers. While this fact may trouble some business owners, it is music to the ears for eco-minded entrepreneurs.

The following business ideas provide a great method for the eco-entrepreneur to help preserve the planet while earning their living.

Resell Store

Resell Store

Purchasing new products are often times considerably more expensive than purchasing items that are pre-owned. For instance, a new hardback book can cost $30. The same book can be purchased for a couple of dollars on the resell market.

As the owner of a second-hand store, you will not only save money for your customers, you can also benefit the environment. The benefits come when perfectly usable items are passed down to future users instead of being thrown away. Used books, clothes, appliances, and furniture are just a few of the items with which you can stock your resell store.

Green Housecleaning

housecleaning services

Parents who balance work and children might find it difficult to find time for cleaning. You can solve this problem for them by offering a variety of housecleaning services. You can protect the environment while at it by only using green products to complete cleaning tasks.

You can offer both by the hour work, as well as, cleaning packages to your customers.

Green Finance

Green Finance

As a green finance company owner, your efforts will be concentrated on funding projects on a local level. These projects will, for the most part, be for sustainable development and environmentally friendly agriculture projects. Other projects can support the arts, education, and ecology of the local community.

A green finance company is a great way to lend a hand to other green projects while capitalizing on the growing market for alternative lending.

Bicycle Repair

Bicycle Repair

Both the environment and the health of individuals benefit when short distances are traveled by bicycle instead of a car. But like all methods of transportation, a bicycle can experience a breakdown.

Position yourself as the go-to solution when a cyclist has trouble with their bicycle. You can also purchase older and broken bicycles, repair them, and sell them to customers.

Farmers Market Vendor

local farmer

Aspiring entrepreneurs with a green thumb can sell natural foods that are free from pesticides at their local farmers market.

Growing and selling 100 percent natural vegetable and fruits will provide you with a market advantage over growers who are content with using conventional farming methods. Be sure to apply for all needed certifications before attempting to sell the food you grow.

The Bottom Line

There are many green business ideas available to the entrepreneur who cares about the environment as much as they desire to make money. An eco-friendly business gives its owner a leg up on the competition due to the concern many consumers have for protecting the environment. The five business ideas above should be considered carefully by every aspiring eco-entrepreneur.

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