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Green chairs made of ‘liquid wood’

zartan chair by philippe starck 1
Plastic – a 20th Century invention – is today an omnipresent material making its niche in every sector and aspect of life. With its arrival, it easily appealed to every mind and quickly replaced use of natural resource material such as wood and cloth. Enormous consumption of plastic challenges its waste management. It poses a threat more than convenience today due to the “throw away” approach people have adopted in life. It has not only affected health but also the environment. There have been several approaches and innovative ideas to beat this herculean task of overcoming the plastic hazard.

“Liquid wood” would be an easier and better means to comprehend the concept of the material used to make the Zartan chairs, a brainchild of Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet. It could be identified as a way to Reduce-Recycle-Reuse. This innovation uses wood powder from wood-pulp based lignin mixed with fibers, wax or fish oil making it a strong and non-toxic material. This material under high temperature melts like plastic and can be injected into a mould through a nozzle. It finally gives the product a woody look.

zartan chair by philippe starck 2

These chairs took its place in the Magis booth on Milan Fairgrounds. What makes these chairs eco-friendly is the non-use of plastic in its manufacture. In this post-plastic era, we are becoming environmentally poor each day. These chairs are one of the many in our daily life. One success could then easily be replicated and renovated.

Via: despoke/hypebeast