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Go Green-The Eco-Tech way

Environmentalists complain of a technology uprising which is harmful to the natural environment. Guess what! Being hi tech does not mean that you negate the greenery around you. You can still go green and enjoy technology hand in hand. Vast developments have been made in producing what we know as green eco friendly technology. From iPod chargers to pedal powered washing machines, there are many things that involve an eco friendly solution. This helps in conserving our natural resources.

Eco friendly Gadgets

A lot of innovative ideas have been implemented and integrated into producing these wonderful gadgets. Let us see what Eco Tech has to offer!

1. Panasonic Eco Blu Ray Player

This product qualifies the Energy Star criteria. The special feature includes Smart Eco sensor, capable of detecting the motion of a person in a proximity of 16 feet. It then turns on automatically thus saving a lot of energy. It has HD support and video playback, slot in drive accompanied with a slim design.

2. Bike powered handset kit by Nokia

Nokia has launched a product which is a bicycle charger kit and handset. With the help of a dynamo attached to the bicycle, you are able to charge your mobile as you ride it. The bike comes along with a charger, dynamo, a handset holder and special features also include FM player and flash light.

3. Solar E Power Cube 1500

These Wagan Tech portable Solar Power generators are a great way to harness the solar energy and in turn power your homes. This helps in conserving a lot of electricity which we use daily. It comes loaded with solar strips, an Absorption Glass Mat hybrid battery and power inverters. It has a compact build.

4. Solar camera strap

Developed by Weng Jie, this product includes solar films across the length and breadth of the strap. These solar films are used to harness the solar energy when out in the field. This is handy and can save power.

5. Pedal powered washing machine

This product is an efficient time saver and fossil fuel con server. The open resource project which guides us step by step into designing our very own pedal driven washing machine in France is known as “es outils des l’autonomie”. The makers teach you to make it out of recycled components.

6. Electric Cars

A lot many automobile manufacturers have designed battery operated or solar cars. A few of them include the Audi E tron, FAW Redflag, and Mini E. They cut down on fuel and thus help maintain the non renewable resources. The Audi E tron provides a good power which most battery operated cars lack.

7. AOC 22 inch HD USB Based Monitor

The monitor is powered by a USB port. Other stand out features includes p n p and HD support. The packaging is made out of recycled goods and they are mercury free. This is highly eco friendly and conserves a lot of energy. It uses half the energy used by CCFL back light monitors

8. Eco ATM Gadget Recycle r

Launched at CES 2012, this product allows electronic waste disposal in exchange of cash. This is a self serviced ATM stall. It utilizes artificial intelligence in order to dispose off the e waste. A lot of people may not be aware of the proper ways to dispose electronic waste. This product takes care of that.

9. Wi Fi Charger

The Air energy Charger is an amazing product which can utilize Wi Fi signals and convert them into useful electrical energy. With this energy it can charge not only cell phones and small gadgets but it can renew its own power. Isn’t that cool! Whenever it detects a Wi Fi hot spot, it starts working. You do not need to even connect it to the network. Simply being able to detect the signal is enough to provide charging.

10. Rukus Bluetooth Solar Powered Speakers

With these set of portable speakers you can play loud music almost anywhere you want. The audio device is run by a mono crystal solar panel and this allows it to stream music from any Bluetooth enabled wireless device available. It is easy to carry around and can utilize the solar energy to charge up any product. The solar energy charges the Li batteries in only 6 hours.

The whole world is responsible to ensure a greener and eco friendly environment. By using products mentioned above, you can lower the electricity wastage, re use and recycle and re utilize energy. The above list is exhaustive. It provides you with cost effective and environmental friendly gadgets which you can use and contribute to a greener tomorrow. Technology is advancing and innovations are always there to surprise us. Experience it the Eco Tech way!