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Five green gadgets for eco conscious women

Eco-friendly gadgets for women

With more and more woman getting out in various fields of operation they are using more and more gadgets just like any other guy to make the things easier. According to a study, women use 40 percent of the total consumer electronic gadgets used. Therefore, by going green every woman can contribute to conserve nature. There are various gadgets available for women that offer them a greener option from the solar-powered fancy hand bags to the cell phone charger that charges phone by motion. Listed below are five such gadgets that power an eco conscious woman to work efficiently and help conserve nature as well.

1. Citizen eco drive solar powered Corso watch

Citizen eco drive

Fond of accessories women are more conscious with the jewelry and the makeup they wear. Once used to be worn for checking time is now used more of ornaments, a wrist watch that enhances your appearance and of course makes you feel good whenever you look at the watch to check the time. Citizen eco drive solar powered Corso watch satisfies all your needs of time and beauty, moreover it also adds power to go green with its solar powered batteries. This watch from Citizen offers you the freedom from winding the watch or frequently changing battery and setting the time to the clock every day.

2. nPower personal energy generator


Ever imagined that you can use your own body as an energy generator to power many daily used electronic gadgets like cell phones of digital cameras? This is the new concept of using your body motion as the kinetic energy to generate small amount of power that is enough to charge the portable electronic gadgets on the move. One such device is the nPower personal energy generator (PEG). As person who is always on the move, you can keep this gadget in your bag and with the motion of your bag while you move can generate enough power to charge your iPhone. Unlike solar power or wind energy this device uses the kinetic energy to generate power.

3. Book shaped iPad case

iPad case

Although this is not a gadget in itself but the casing that protects the gadget is important for you. The shape of the book this case actually defines the iPad that you carry with you. With its advanced design this case made of German felt linen that is 100 percent renewable and sustainable. Just like any other book that you wish to carry with you, this can help you carry your iPad safely as the case is designed in such a fashion that it prevents the shock and bumps or scratches to damage the gadget that it carries. This is one such book that everyone wishes to carry with them.

4. Noon solar linden bag

Linden bag

Do you carry bags when move out and wish to have one that is unique? Here is one such bag that not only gives you a distinction but also gives you the power to conserve nature by generating enough solar power to charge your portable electronic devices. The noon solar linden bag is a very stylish bag that is dyed naturally and is made up from chemical free leather and organic hemp. With such a manufacturing process the bag you’ll own will be the one of its kind. You can now use the green solar power to get your gadgets charged on the move with a bag that you can carry with you whenever you go out shopping or on to your work. Unlike other solar bags, the noon solar linen bags are designed especially for the women love outing.

5. EarthDrive biodegradable USB drive

Biodegradable USB drive

Are you still using CDs and DVDs to carry your data? The technology has advanced to the new flash drives that are not only easy to carry physically but also makes it immensely easy to carry the data on the move. With innumerable USB flash drives available, here is the one that you can use to carry your most important data and at the same time can conserve nature as this is an EarthDrive made of biodegradable polyester derived from renewable resources like corn. The chemical ingredient of this flash drive is PLA (polylactic acid). Carry this drive like a keychain attaching to your bunch of keys when you are on the move. This makes it easy for you to carry the data conveniently with the satisfaction that you are helping the Mother Nature by using a nature friendly flash drive that can be recycled.