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Technology has made the lives of a household very easy, however, at a very expensive cost. Especially when it comes to heating and cooling water, it takes a lot of energy which could increase your electricity bill, but worse, it affects our environment dearly. Not only the water, we have invented several technologies that may provide us leisure, but offers a bad impact on nature on a daily basis. But with increasing awareness and responsibility towards the environment, we have also invented many home technologies that are ecofriendly in nature and still provide the same comfort one could ever ask for. Thus, we have gathered, some of the best and ecofriendly home technologies that you can install at your home to prevent our environment from extreme harm without compromising with your leisure.

  1. Solar water heater:
    Solar water heater
    Solar water heaters are an effective way to save the environment and reduce your energy bills as they warm the water using the energy they generated from the sunlight. Unlike your conventional water heaters that use electricity or natural gas, which affect the environment, solar water heaters are a revolutionary invention that could help you save from 50% to 80% on your bills.
  2. Wind Generator: One of the most preferred home technologies 2017 that are ecofriendly are wind generators that are installed on the roof and generate electricity to provide for your household needs. The price and energy savings vary greatly, but it certainly is a very reliable and capable.
  3. Rain water harvesting:

    rainwater recuperator
    Water is undoubtedly the most useful resource for the mankind and wasting it offers extreme damage to the nature. With rain water harvesting, you can save up to 50% of your water on things like watering plants, flushing and irrigation by collecting the water from the rain.

  4. Geothermal heat pump: maintaining room temperature can cost you over 50% of your bill and affect the environment greatly. But with Geothermal heat pump you can do the same by exchanging the air inside of the house from the outside while reducing your bills up to 40%. Plus, it is one of the most likable ecofriendly home technologies, so no more harm to the nature.
  5. Dual flush toilets: It may surprise you that the toilet flush takes up to 27% of your entire household water. However, installing a dual flush toilet can reduce the water consumption by the toilets drastically without compromising with the work it does. Instead, it become better and you don’t need to redesign your entire piping for it.
  6. Use Enery monitor:
    Enery monitor

    Energy monitor allows the household to keep track of their minute by minute energy consumption. It is attached by the main power supply of the house and transmit wireless signal that displays the amount of energy consumption. This can help you save a considerate amount of energy at a very low cost.

  7. Tubular skylights: One of the most brilliant home technologies that are ecofriendly in nature, where sunlight is used to bring the light into the room, which is radiant and cost nothing.
  8. Natural insulation:

    Approximately 10% of the household energy is used due to poor insulation. But by installing natural insulation, made from synthetic or sheep’s wool, hemp and flax, you can save the energy and it won’t harm the environment as well due to being renewable resources.

  9. Composting Toilets: Everyone knows how much waste human body generates everyday and rather than flushing it to a complete waste, composting toilets can use it for biological processes such as fertilizing the soil for effective farming.
  10. Sustainable flooring: You can also use bamboo flooring which is durable, anti-bacterial and water resistant rather than the conventional marbled flooring that uses expensive material made from the environment and energy for installation. Sustainable flooring is 100% natural and renewable and doesn’t cost much.

These are some of the widely utilized and effective home technologies 2017 that are ecofriendly and cost efficient in nature.  Some of these may require a heavy installation cost at first, but sure to give you a better return on investment directly. Use them to save your energy, money and feel proud to play your part for the welfare of the environment.

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