Seven green homes featuring green roofs

Stay grounded eco home

As we spend most of our time in our homes, it is the right place to practice and implement ecofriendliness. Energy conservation at home might be a great beginning, but the question is how to do so? One of the important step is to design the roof into a greenery feature and start roof top gardening.

A green roof helps in maintaining the temperature inside the house as well as it gives the house a refined look. To reduce the impact of global warming, it has become necessary to keep a check on the temperature of our homes with ecofriendly ways and should in fact promote about the same. Some of the green house which features green roofs around the world are as follows:

1. Beautiful Norwegian Foliage-Covered Green Roofs

Norwegian Foliage-Covered Green Roofs

Since hundreds of years, the Norwegian has been planting greenery at the top of their houses. It is a tradition to plant grasses mixed with flowers at the roof which provides insulation and encourage stabilization of homes. However, the tradition of covered green roofs are declining and are on the verge of extinction as iron and other industrial materials are taking its place. The board of the Scandinavian Green Roof Association presents an award every year to the best green roof project since the year 2000.

2. Witham old age home flaunts grass roof

Witham old age home

It is an old age home in Witham whose roof which is covered with green grass. An irrigation pipe is kept under the roof to minimize the wastage of water. Therefore, the Hanover Housing captures rainwater runoff. It has 55 apartments build on a sheltered housing.

3. Stay grounded eco home

Stay grounded eco home

It is an Italian concept for a green and clandestine stay. This type of eco home is used to make microaeolic generators and solar panels which are easily detectable on its green roof. At a perpetual temperature of 18-20 Celsius, there are geothermic systems fixed on the floors which takes care of air/water supply.

4. Landhouse meadow roof

Landhouse meadow roof

These are energy efficient house with solar panels and a green roof. The landhouse are green inside out which is designed according to an environmental scheme. The meadow roof makes the home energy efficient and is basically a water proof structure. There are also further green additions to the house like green exchanger and a green roof to attract local flora.

5. Roof top gardening

Roof top gardening

Rooftop gardening could be used as a substitute if you do not have enough space for gardening in the ground. Green roof carpeting improves the energy performance of the buildings. While gardening on your rooftop, you must be very careful about the weight of the plants and water drainage. Moreover for prevention of the roots burrowing into the roof, plastic sheets should be used between the containers and the roof.

6. Navarrox wide community green home

navarrox wide-community green home

This is a type of energy efficient green home which has both cooling system and geo thermal heating. The exterior of the home is made of using high density foam and sheets of insulated plywood. The house is a duplex and has a grass roof which also won the top rating from the United States.

7. mkLotus: Very Efficient Green Design


The project of mklotus is a new concept and is one of the latest modular home designs. This type of home has a green roof along with rain and groundwater system, solar power, and gray water system. mkLotus may be considered to be an appropriate picture for a green home.

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