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Green ideas to wrap up your gifts

by DrPrem Jagyasi

For most of us wrapping a gift properly is equally important as buying a good one. Store bought wrapping papers cost more and are harmful to the environment because of their dyes, additives and lamination. Here are for you some beautiful eco-friendly ways to wrap your love for both, your loved ones and Mother Nature.

 large gift box wrapped by burlap canvas with orange bow


Obtained from the jute plant, the burlap is completely biodegradable and compostable. It can be decorated easily to work as an ideal gift wrapper and can be reused several times. Burlap is a real fun to work with and the presents look simply amazing after they are being wrapped using it. It can effectively make your gift look unique and rustic.



A simple piece of fabric may sometimes prove to be a great wrapping option especially when it can be used for another year. Fabrics that can be reused are another one of the green ways for gift-wrapping. Fabrics are a great alternative to the conventional paper wrapping ideas, since paper can easily get tossed after a single use. The Canadian company Furochic produces various printed fabrics for gift-wrapping and suggests various wrapping styles as well.

Cloth Bags

Cloth Bags:

A stylish gift bag is a great way to wrap up your gifts especially if you have more than one to give. Cloth bags are one of the best ways of gifting because of their comfort at use, reusability and different stylish prints. They can be made very easily and last longer than the paper gift bags. However, be careful to look for the recycle symbol without which they cannot be reused repeatedly. You can use wrapping paper that is free of non-paper additives. These wrapping papers are available in a number of styles.

Recyclable Gift Wrap

Recyclable Gift Wrap:

Here is good news for those who still can do without using the traditional wrapping papers. Recyclable wrapping papers are now available in the market, which can be reused for unlimited number of times. All you need to do is to look for the recycle symbol and see to it that the inks used for printing of the paper are water or vegetable based.


All these eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas are beautiful as well as perfect for the eco-minded individual to give a thoughtfully wrapped present as a gesture of their concern towards Earth.