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Green innovations showcased at Taiwan’s green expo

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Taiwan is out with new incredible inventions to add a tinge of green into our daily lives. The country’s first Green Industry Expo showcased a whole brigade of innovative products that would ease your life apart from doing some good to the environment. Among the long line of innovations, what really caught the attention of many was a cooking stove that does not require gas and a washing machine that washes without using a drop of water.

The ingenious cooking stove that does not use gas instead is water-powered. One-of-a-kind, the stove consumes some 1,000 cc of water per hour, costing just 10 cents, which is quite reasonable as compared to the $7.50 per hour expenditure associated with the use of gas. It saves money as well as energy, hence gaining popularity among catering companies in Taiwan. The fascinating water-less washing machine gives new life and grace to your clothes without using water and detergent. Instead, it uses liquefied carbon dioxide for cleaning.

Other interesting and useful inventions displayed at the Green Expo consist of a water-free urinal, electric bicycles and a solar-powered yacht. Taiwan is already seen as a world leader in products that save energy and reduce pollution. Analysts said that by 2015, the island’s green industry would generate up to $47 billion in revenue.

Via: Channel News Asia

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