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Green mantra: Reduce, reuse and recycle

The present day world is overwhelmed with go green fad. People are very well aware of the fact that nature can satisfy man’s need, but not man’s greed. Hence, the need for a greener environment has become omniscient and every individual wants to contribute to the efforts of making a cleaner and greener globe as compared to the present macabre. Reduce- Reuse- Recycle seem to be the essence of ‘Green Mantra’. These three put together can form a safety triangle for the entire globe and a way towards sustainable living. It seems to be the only way to rectify the ecological imbalances and environmental degradation.

Go green

Adopt this three element formula to enter the community of those who want to preserve and strive for a green planet. It will preserve the world of the present and also maintain its viability for the upcoming generations. Let’s have a look at the ‘Green Mantra’.

Reduce : the first ingredient of ‘Green Mantra’

This step is very important as it focuses on reducing consumption, thereby diminishing stress on the environment. It formulates a targeted approach towards a green planet. It can be done by:

Reducing purchases

Reducing purchases refers to buying only those products, which are essentials. This can be decided by questioning yourself before buying a product or waiting for a small period of time before finalizing any merchandise.

Staying away from products whose production impacts the environment

Stay away from products whose production processes adversely affect the environment. Also, take into account the implications of disposing the purchased products when exposed to the air. Staying away from hazardous products is a definite step towards making a greener globe.

Simple life

Reducing consumption is greatly linked with simplicity in living. Stock only those products, which are used on a regular basis. Adopting simple life means purchasing less, which minimizes wastes in future. This crucial step is a safety jacket for the globe, thereby contributing to the cause of a healthy planet.

Collective effort

Going green demands collective efforts of the society. There should be enough awareness and cooperation among the people to form groups and contribute towards the making of a green environment. For example, form groups, make bulk purchases for 12 months and don’t buy any new products

Minimum use of natural resources at home

It can be done by minimizing the use of forest products, whether renewable or the non-renewable ones. It can be done by replacing paper towels with a set of cloth towels, reusing envelopes, wrapping paper and so on. This conserves greenery and plays one of the greatest roles in preserving the environment.

Reusing: the second ingredient of ‘Green Mantra’

It refers to reusing the existing products and reducing fresh purchases. It focuses on recycling and reusing items as much as possible, which will aid in structuring a green planet. This step should be widely promoted as it also yields economic benefits. It can be effectively done by:

Switching over to reusables

Giving importance to using reusables contributes to the cause of a greener globe as non-reusable items can’t be recycled or used twice. Using reusable items in place of disposable ones is a smart choice. For example, using trimmers for blades, refilling ink instead of buying a new cartridge and preferring rechargeable batteries in place of normal alkaline batteries are definite moves in this direction.

Preferring used products

Preferring used products leads to maximum utilization of the existing resources and helps in reducing fresh purchases. For instance, buying used furniture can be a great step towards the preservation of forest and trees. Similarly, other used products can be arranged from local consignment shops, local furniture shops, garage sales, local material exchange sites and local thrift stores.

Buying durable items

Buying durable items is also a step towards greener environment as they last long and thus, discourage buying them again. In this way, they prevent wastage and help in reducing pressure on the environment.


Donations also contribute towards a greener planet as they promote reuse of items. Giving away things which are of no use to us but can be used by others, is a step in this direction. Community swap, sharing with neighbors, buying and selling online are also ways to promote reuse of commodities.

Recycle: the third ingredient of ‘Green Mantra’

It refers to the attachment of priority to the recycle of waste products into useful ones. This process helps in reusing the existing commodities and thus, reduces novel purchases. It can be done by:

Recycle bins

Placing different holding boxes or bins for different commodities which can be recycled, is a step towards promoting recycling of resources. These can be placed at various convenient locations in your home and in public places.

Recycling electronic items

For structuring a greener planet, there should be a focused approach towards recycling of electronics items, as most of them can be used again. When these are disposed without treatment, they become potential threats to the environment as they are non-biodegradable. It is easy to recycle cell phones, rechargeable batteries, CDs and DVDs. Several recycling centres have also opened to promote recycling of electronic goods.

Green paper

It refers to the conscious effort of purchasing recycled products. For example, while purchasing paper products such as toilet paper, go for those which have been recycled by using a minimum of 50% post-consumer waste.

Composting and Grasscycling

Composting refers to the preparation of nutrient rich organic matter formed by bio degradation of yard trimmings and food scraps. The resultant matter is highly beneficial for crops. On the other hand, grasscycling refers to the employment of nutritious grass as fertilizers by leaving them on the field. These two practices promote recycling of waste products and the outcome is highly productive.

Thus, we may conclude that ‘Green Mantra’ provides a way for a greener planet by focusing on reduce, reuse and recycle. Hence, adopt this green mantra and go green.

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