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Green Oasis: City life comes close to nature

Green Oasis reintroduces nature to the city in a functional way. Green environment is the need of the hour. Availability of green atmosphere in urban areas is almost negligible. To meet out this demand, Green Oasis was discovered. Actually it was discovered to strengthen the urban agriculture movement in Toronto, but it served many purposes. It gives us a wonderful option of growing our food in the city. It provides us a healthier atmosphere and fresh breathing air. It provides peace, shade and lively atmosphere full of birds and squirrels. These are forests with ripening tomatoes, fruits and vegetables of our choice. Everything grown here, is planted and harvested by volunteers. It is the best way to celebrate good, organic local food that is nourishing to body and mind, and that is fun to grow and eat.

Green Oasis

We can say that it is a technique that was inspired by technology as well as nature. It is an enclosed excavator. The shape of the excavator embodies technique, while the growing climbing plants represent the force of nature. It symbolizes the union of technique and nature as technique has enhanced the force of nature. The result is a summer house in the shape of a life sized excavator, covered with green climbing plants. It is literally a green oasis for those much needed moments of peace in an urban public environment. The technique provides seating arrangement for four people. The object is entirely made of laser cut steel.

The luscious greenery, creeping from the walls of a building is also a part of green oasis. When I see such buildings, my reaction is always like why our buildings are not covered with such creepings. These are simply vertical gardens. And there are a lot of places like airports, railway stations, which lack a vertical garden. Similarly green roof tops are another best option. The houses can also have a small roof garden.

Source: Jomeesters