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Green Pieces: Jigsaw Puzzles that can actually grow wild flowers

green pieces

TDC Games, a distinguished manufacturer of board games and remarkable jigsaw puzzles, has just recently released a line of 500 piece jigsaw puzzles dubbed GREEN PIECES. Each of the pieces comes imbued with the seeds of over a dozen wildflower species that you can simply plant in your backyard or the kitchen garden to see beautiful sprouting from them in no time. A special paper lamination contains the seeds of various wildflower species.

Planting the pieces will actually grow flowers. They take a while, but if you water them regularly, they will look pretty and also reduce your carbon footprint… We wanted to create the greenest products possible. Using the flowers as a carbon offset has been a unique way to accomplish that goal… and plant the seeds of environmental awareness… so to speak.

Says Larry Balsamo, president of TDC Games.

Images with ecological themes:

AMER-CANS has an image of American Eagle, composed of over 3,500 aluminum cans, printed over it. I NEED A HUG features a Panda made from 2,000 smaller pictures of logging operations; so very indicative of less than 2,000 Pandas left in the world.

Available at Barnes & Noble and at toy, gift, book and department stores nationwide, all four of the Green Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles retail at a suggested price of $15.99. You might see another game named THE GREEN GAME (a board game) hitting the shelves sometimes in mid-May 2009.

Via: TDC Games (Press Release)